Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Save on Valentine's Day Flowers

In just 3 weeks we will be on the verge of Valentine's Day the most romantic holiday of them all, but that is no reason to go broke.

So How can you Save on Valentine's Day Roses and Flowers? Plan ahead so you can get the Valentine's Day flowers you want for her and save a little extra cash.

Here are simple steps to save on Valentines Flowers and even the romantic favorite Long Stem Red Roses.

1. Look for Valentine’s Day Flower Coupon Codes
Sometimes you can Save 10, 15 or 20% off regular flower prices or receive Free extras like a vase, teddy bear or chocolates.
Note: These discounts will disappear the closer we get to Valetines Day.

2. Ship Early
Some Flower stores will offer better prices if you Shipping your Valentines flowers early. These offers tend to be promoted the last week of January through the first 5 days of February. Delivery for this type of promotion is likely to be on or before Feb. 11th - be sure to read the details before selecting this option.

3. Pass on Upgrades
Pass on vase upgrades, I might get some heat for this but a simple vase upgrade can run $10 or $15. The Flower store loves these upgrades because it adds to the sale but you can save that cash.

4. More Work, but Additional Savings
If you have time order Fresh from the Grower Flowers, have them sent to you, arrange the flowers yourself (they are vacuum packed) and delivery in person. You’ll save over Florist made arrangements and she’ll love the surprise!

5. Pass on Roses
Yikes, I typed it. While this may not be an option, skipping roses on Valentine's Day and sending a another floral bouquet that contains her favorite flowers can save you alot on Valentine's Day. However, if not spending the money on roses is going to put you in the doghouse and not in the poorhouse for 30 days then I recommend using ideas 1 - 4 to save the money. Check out these Valentines Day Flowers & Roses

Happy Valentine's Day Savings

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