Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best Breakup Gift - End Love in Style

Nothing says I Love You like roses, diamonds and chocolates, but what do you give someone as a gift when it is just not working out?

Well The Expendable T-Shirt is the perfect gift to say goodbye, so long and I no longer Love you!
Or just a fun reminder that, this might not be working out.

Now you don't have to kick someone to the curb and worry they'll have nothing to wear. You'll can send off in style, fashion and a chance to find a new love quickly.

And if your soon to be ex-boyfriend is a Star Trek fan, they will be doubly thrilled as now they have something cool to wear to the new Star Trek movie coming out this year or the next big Comic Con convention.

Sometimes in life these just don't work out and saying you are no longer wanted is hard, so now take the pressure off and present you former best friend with a friendly nudge that things are over. Buy the Red Expendable T-Shirt Today.

So the Next Time You are Planning a Break Up Remember too
a. Change your Facebook Status
b. Set Up a Girl's Night Out to Celebrate
c. And Send Him on His Way in Style

While this T-Shirt is intended for nerdy Star Trek fans, (sorry it's true - The red shirt guy always dies) others can enjoy in the fun too. Plus for the newly single this is conversation starter, just think how grateful he will be when every girl that comes up to him asks a question about Star Trek and complete strangers quote the show.

We found this online and don't know if it will be around for days, weeks or months, but it you purchase one of these tees, I earn some pocket change so stock up on these End of Relationship Star Trek T-shirts today.

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