Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vital Last Minute Gift Giving Online Shipping Cut Offs!

You can still order Christmas Gifts online and have them delivered in time for Christmas.

Find out when you need to place your order for:
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Fun Gadgets
And Christmas Items

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Super Online Deals, Shipping Upgrades and Coupons Too!

Everybody is talking about great deals in the stores, well there are great deals online too! And with upgraded shipping, big discounts and 2 Day Shipping, you can order online and have it sent to your holiday location.

Check out the latest coupons we just updated online and if you are interested in that product then click through to see the savings!

We are finding find lots of unadvertised sales and to many to mention. Expect to save 20, 30, 40 and up to 50%, plus be able to use coupons too!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Identity Theft Protection, A Smart Holiday Gift or Bad Idea

I received an email the other day asking whether giving ID Theft protection was a good gift idea. My first reaction was what a terrible gift idea. Who would want that?

Well, the more I thought about it the more I warmed up to the idea off offering ID protection as a gift. With all the financial worries and the increase of ID theft what is the price of receiving a peace of mind gift.

The last thing someone wants to know is that their financial data has been stolen and their credit is ruined. So why this isn't the get up and do a happy dance type of gift. It is one of those, type of gifts where you are likely to receive a thank you 2, 3 or 4 months down the road when they learn the real value of your gift.

I looked at the leader in the industry LifeLock and saw they offer Proactive Identity Theft Protection, reduction of junk mail and credit card offers, a guarantee and it costs $10 per month or $110 per year.

If you get the service for children is runs a lot less. However, there may be an age limit to this.

Where this can be a good gift.
Parents to sons and daughters who are now young adults and really don't think about identity theft. This is a good education tool and one that can help them the rest of their lives.

Children to parents that have everything, well if they have everything than they really should have this type of protection.

And it can be a good gift for Grandparents who are on the internet. Often, grandparents and seniors forget that they may be at risk. This gift helps to remind them to take precautions.

Another option that costs less, but doesn't offer quite as much information is Annual Credit Report, this is the site where you can get your credit report free once a year from each of the major credit agencies.

While this is a great service, if your identity gets stolen who has 12 months to learn about it. So being able to check when you want to is extremely helpful.

While visiting the Lifelock site, I noticed you could not purchase it as a Gift. So I called customer service and they said the it can be found in retailers like Best Buy and other Office Supply stores and it is packaged as a gift with a dvd and code to assess the site.

That sounds good to me but with many things, I found myself interested in signing up for the service myself.

While I think LifeLock is a valuable gift, it is a hard one to put under the tree and get excited about. However, it might be the perfect gift to test run yourself and then offer to give to family members.

Have a safe and secure Holiday Season
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Friday, December 05, 2008

Personalized Name Art Gift for Your Creative Friends

Do you know a couple that have that Pottery Barn home, where everything fits together just perfect and you have been thinking what can I get them for a Christmas gift?

Well while researching another project I found a great gift for them
And it also makes a great wedding gift or anniversary gift or just a special gift for yourself.

Well what is the great gift, well have you ever gone on a walk and looked at something and said that looks like an A, H or S.

This company have taken images in nature and in our world that reflect letters and then them together to spell whatever you want. It's Personalized Name Art. (sample below)

Seriously, imagine a family name in the entryway or over the fireplace. What is so intriguing about this gift is that you don't just look at it once it remains interest time and time again as the owner and guests spot something new.

I have seen these type of items at art shows and now I found it online and I think it is just great.
Take a look at their web site where you can create your own Personalized Name Art.

Happy Holidays
The Gift Guy
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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, We Found More!

When we saw the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, we knew it would be popular this holiday season. So, many people can relate to Charlie Brown and he struggles that in tough times this tree is well, the perfect little tree to inspire hope.

Well, we featured the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on our site and quickly it zoomed up Baron Bob's Top Sellers. In fact it SOLD OUT!

Yes, we were sad to see that the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree maybe be gone.

But as Baron Bob works to get more inventory we search the interent to find more Charlie Brown Christmas Trees and we did!

Ebay to the rescue, but watch out with all the new traffic we are sending to Ebay, these trees will be gone. So if you want to buy one register and get yours before Charlie Brown cries foul!

A Good Grief, Happy Holidays
From the Gift Guy
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

5 Reasons Why Adults Need to Create a Christmas Gift List Today

When I was a kid, I always created a gift list for Santa; hot wheels, books, models, etc… the fun stuff. And a funny thing happened; I often got a few things on my Christmas list.

Now with tough economic times, it makes sense that adults and kids create a Christmas gift list this year and here is why:

1. Get Gifts You Want and Need
There is no reason to return gifts, make a simple Christmas list and get what you want or need. Practical gifts are in and wasteful gifts are out. So let them know what you will use.

2. Shopping Stress
By providing a Christmas List, you take the stress out of holiday shopping. Make life easy and fun give them the item (the more exact the better), size if clothes and if this item hard to find give them a nudge where it can be found; Amazon, Ebay or the store just down the street.

3. They Can Get You More For Less with Coupons and Holiday Specials
When you create you wish list, others can look for even greater savings with online and offline coupons. I was able to do this last week and found a popular electronics item on sale, Reg. $149 on day sale $59! Now I can use the extra money to get a bonus gift or two! Here is a list of Holiday Coupons.

4. Less Time Wasted, More Time for Family & Fun
Less than 25% of Holiday shoppers know what they are out to buy! This means you are likely to waste time, gas and miss out on other holiday events while they wonder around a mall. So a simple Christmas list means you can be out finding a tree, decorating the house, working in your workshop or making cookies.

5. No Fear of Company Going Out of Business
Yes, we love gift cards but what happens if that store or restaurant goes out of business. Sharper Image and Bennigan's were to well respected companies to close very quickly and leave gift card holders empty handed. So be careful when buying them, they could become worthless if you don’t use them and the companies go out of business.

So don’t waste anymore time, create your Christmas gift list today and when you open up your presents on Christmas Day, you’ll be happy that you don’t have to return any!

Happy Holidays
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Stop Christmas Gift Snoops and Turn The Tables on Them With a Holiday Gift Surprise

Planning the gift of a lifetime for that special woman in your life or want to truly surprise them with a special gift in an imaginative way or you just want to mess with family and friends.

Well psssstttt, I’ve got a great way to throw those “I know what it is” family members off the scent and also add some intrigue it you are planning and amazing trip or asking for a hand in marriage.

Simply give them a personalized puzzle. Yes a puzzle. For $15 – 30 bucks you can totally disappoint young boys and girls and family members when all they got for Christmas was a stupid puzzle.

Ahhh, yes and that is the charm of this gift because when the puzzle is put together they will see the real gift.

So take a photo of you Holding the Wii, Xbox or Playstation
Take a photo of 2 tickets to Hawaii…
Take a picture of a Note that says “ Will You Marry Me?”

And turn it into a fun photo puzzle with a hidden message. (Well it will be fun for you.)

Here is your chance to real stump the kids, girlfriend and others and yet come out a hero, hopefully they won’t be too angry to ignore the puzzle. So you might have to push them to putting it together or just wait patiently until they do.

Learn more here:

Have fun with this and give your big Christmas gift in a surprisingly unique way.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Gift Exchange Gifts Ever - Well They Are Sure to be Remembered Next Year

Bring the gift exchange gift that will be the talk of the office and remembered for years to come. Why bring another ho-hum gift exchange gift like a gift card, bottle of wine or candle when you can bring something odd, unique and maybe even sought after?

We found some crazy gifts that inspire humor and will make the office manager wonder if you should ever have another Holiday gift exchange.

Holiday Gift Exchange Gifts Under $10

The Pooping Sheep Candy Dispenser is a classic mix of novel fun and innovation. Who wouldn't want this lovely sheep.

And not to be outdone there is also a Pooping Santa Candy Dispenser plus other animals that share in the joy of candy dispensing.

Best Move Up the Corporate Ladder Christmas Gift
Want to create office chaos? Well give Fake Lottery Tickets and watch co-workers quit their jobs, yell, scream and dance around, that is of course until they discover they got a whole lot of nothing and you have the corner office and zoomed up the corporate ladder.

Other wonderful Gift Exchange Gifts under $10 include
Office Space Key Chain with 6 classic Office Space phrases
Flying Slingshot Monkey - Hours of fun while on hold

Gift Exchange Gifts Under $20
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Who wouldn't want the tree that represents being alone and then coming together. And in tough times it's the perfect tree to give or receive.

And it comes with 1 ornament.

Classic Christmas Bobble Heads from Year Without a Santa Claus. Perfert in these recessionary times when well... we aren't sure whether there will be a Christmas.

Best Gift to Encourage future Gift Exchanges be Cancelled
Caroling Reindeer Antlers – Who isn’t going to be pissed off by getting this a Christmas gift. Well hope that they have kids under the age of six.

Best Gift Exchange Gift for the Macho Male Office
Perfect for the politically incorrect office, where the men will fight tooth and nail to get the Naughty Flashing Santa, this Santa is so naughty that we can't even show him to you. Well, not that naughty!!!

To Much Christmas this Year?
Well everyone will know how you feel with this Grumpy Talking Snowman, come on how upbeat can you be when you are melting.

Boost Spirits for 2009
Well 2008, well stunk, so start 2009 by forgetting last year with the 12 Christmas Shots Wreath. For many office parties this gift will be in use before the gift exchange is even over.

And for Gift Exchanges up to $50, we present the...
What the heck is it gift!
Yes, It's the lovely Desktop Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. It's sure to make any office seem more French and attention grabbing.

Perfect gift for those who enjoy good times and a good laugh.

Here is to making you the King or Queen of the Year's Gift Exchange!

Happy Holidays - The Gift Guy
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Make Your Child a TV Star – These Personalized Kids Gifts Put Them in The Action

So many kids want to grow up to be TV stars or share an adventure with their favorite TV cartoon. Well with technology you can place your child on the same screen as Dora, Arthur and even the Care Bears, so they can have their own personalized dvd.

In addition to these fun story lines, young super heroes can be transformed into Spider-Man. I am sure this is the start of more interactive adventures, but I can say it is impressive to think Dora the Explorer can help celebrate your child’s birthday with a special video. You can view a video on the site.

We also found personalized books to where your daughter or son can share an adventure or story with Disney’s Cars, Disney’s Princess, Dora, Sesame Street, Santa Claus, Elmo, Pooh and more.

These stories weave your child in the story with their favorite characters. Oh the joy when they get to see their name in a book with their story time friends.

These unique personalized children’s gifts may cost a little more than a regular book, however I am sure it will be one that they cherish for years and that’s priceless.

I give this one a thumbs up!
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Best Office Gift Ever! How this Gift Could Be Worth $100, $500 or $1,000 per Employee

Would your co-workers, employees or business partners enjoy keeping an extra $100, $500 or $1,000 over the next year? Of course they would.

And what if they could get more out of a weekend, try new things and save money too? Sounds almost to good to be true, doesn’t it.

And the Best of all, what if you could purchase this gift for less than face value, get free shipping and save more when you buy more?

It sounds like the perfect gift right, maybe because it is the best office gift I can think of. The only one that is sure to save them money for months to come.

The Entertainment Book is the coupon book that keeps giving and giving. They offer coupon books throughout the country, but he is a sample of what they offer in Orlando.

Fine Restaurants – Many offer a free entrée when one is purchased
Casual and Fast Food like Baja Burrito Kitchen, Local Pizza Shops, McD’s, Sonic, Blimpie, Bear Rock Café and many more offer buy one get one discounts and promotions.

Plus you can save on Ice Cream, Smoothies, Miniature Golf, Movie Tickets, Area Attractions, Go karts and more.

And you can also saving on hotels and car rentals around the country when they travel; the best part about the money saving Entertainment Book is that you can save in so money ways.

Just when you thought that was enough, there is more. Coupons and discounts from national retailers, online stores, local grocery stores, oil changes, tanning, dry cleaning and more.

As you can see there many ways to save with the Entertainment Book, however they can’t save anything if they never receive it.

So take a few minutes and order one for each member of your team and order one for yourself and give a gift that will help them save money and get more out of life.

Happy Savings
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