Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stop Christmas Gift Snoops and Turn The Tables on Them With a Holiday Gift Surprise

Planning the gift of a lifetime for that special woman in your life or want to truly surprise them with a special gift in an imaginative way or you just want to mess with family and friends.

Well psssstttt, I’ve got a great way to throw those “I know what it is” family members off the scent and also add some intrigue it you are planning and amazing trip or asking for a hand in marriage.

Simply give them a personalized puzzle. Yes a puzzle. For $15 – 30 bucks you can totally disappoint young boys and girls and family members when all they got for Christmas was a stupid puzzle.

Ahhh, yes and that is the charm of this gift because when the puzzle is put together they will see the real gift.

So take a photo of you Holding the Wii, Xbox or Playstation
Take a photo of 2 tickets to Hawaii…
Take a picture of a Note that says “ Will You Marry Me?”

And turn it into a fun photo puzzle with a hidden message. (Well it will be fun for you.)

Here is your chance to real stump the kids, girlfriend and others and yet come out a hero, hopefully they won’t be too angry to ignore the puzzle. So you might have to push them to putting it together or just wait patiently until they do.

Learn more here:

Have fun with this and give your big Christmas gift in a surprisingly unique way.

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