Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday.

The Gift Guy

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Gifts to Keep Her Warm and Cozy

Warm, cozy, relaxing and comfortable gifts always seem to be winner with the women in our lives, so consider some of these classic, fun and unique gifts for her that you can still order and get by Christmas.

Warm and Snugly Pajama Grams are always a hit. Pajama Grams come casual and comfortable styles and more romantic styles that encourage snuggling together. Order today by 4 pm for Standard Shipping.

UGG Slippers and Boots help keep her feet warm and comfortable while out in the winter weather or just hanging out around the house. Best of all we found that a lot of UGG boots and slippers come with Free Overnight Shipping (but that ends soon).

A Cozy Blanket is a wonderful thing, the Nuddle blanket is soft and has those little extras that make it something that will be used for years, unlike other blankets the pill. You can actually see the softness in the photos.

Aromatherapy Booties and Wrap Set – She enjoy the warmth and relaxation of this scented wrap after any stressful day. Easy to use and enjoy. Standard Shipping on this item ends today!

Silly Slippers, few things are more joyous than laughter. So why not have her start everyday with a smile and a giggle with comfortable and fun Cow, Bunny, Animal Paw or other fun slippers.

Hope you enjoy these warm and cozy gift ideas for her.

Happy Holidays
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

5 Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips You Need to Know Now!

If you have waited to start your Christmas shopping you are not alone; millions have put off Holiday shopping until the last minute.

Now, more than ever it is important to know a few key facts that can help you save money and get the gifts you want to give.

1. Have your Christmas Shopping List!
Nothing costs you more than an unplanned impulse buy. Quickly, list all the people you need to buy for and gift and gift ideas. If you don’t have ideas, call family members or friends for help, but get the list together today. If you need ideas - check out our Gift Giving Help Questions.

2. Online Shipping Deadlines
Hard to find gifts are easier to buy online, but Standard Shipping is starting to fade away with many retailers last Standard Shipping for Christmas ending the 16th, 17th and 18th. 2 and overnight shipping can add $10, $20 or more to the cost of any gift.

3. In Store Discounts are Better This Weekend
Many of the best pre-Christmas discounts are likely to occur THIS Weekend, don’t expect that items will drop on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Many retailers will offer the same deals or even reduce discounts next week, because they know you need to get gifts. So if you find a great deal this weekend, buy it and good home happy.

4. Comparison Shopping
Once you have your gift list and shop around before you drive around. Whether you buy online or in the store, you can check the price of items at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, your other favorite stores and Amazon and see what is a good price.

Also be sure to check store availability or Shop and pick up options just to make sure you can get what you want. That way you don’t waste time running from store to store.

Once you have the information, you can decide where you want to buy the item and what a reasonable price is.

5. Use Coupons
Guys are famous for avoiding coupons, but the bottom line is saving 10, 20 or 30% by using a coupon is just smart.

Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and lots of online merchants are offering money saving coupons. We have a list of Coupon Codes for gifts, gift baskets, toys, and much more.

Knowing these 5 Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips, will not only help you find better gifts but in the end you’ll be Merrier knowing you saved on your Christmas gifts.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Shipping on Gift Baskets, Yes But Act Fast to Arrive Before Christmas

Thinking about sending a Gift Basket or two but having been putting it off, well we found a few sites offering Free Shipping and if you order today it should arrive just before Christmas.

FYI, during our research for this post we found that most gift basket retailers are offering some gift baskets with Free Shipping but not all. So keep in mind that only select Christmas Gift Baskets come with Free Shipping.

Based on our research gift basket shipping can run between $10 and $20 dollars so this these are good deals if you are planning on buying gift baskets.

Gift Tree is offering a variety of Christmas Gift Baskets including Gourmet Gift Towers, Wine Baskets, Cookie and Candy gift baskets too. Not all have Free Shipping, but it is clearly listed if the gift basket you are viewing comes with free shipping.

Harry & David - Please note the Free Shipping for Harry & David Gourmet Gift Baskets has expired. However you can view current Gift Basket Coupons on our web site.

While Free Shipping on Gift Baskets is great! Some online Gourmet Shops prefer to offer Bonus Gifts or a percentage off, check out some these additional Gift Basket Coupons where can find lots of great discounts.

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Lowest Price on The Entertainment Book the Money Saving Coupon Book

I love the Entertainment Book as few items pay you book like this book!

Using the 2009 Coupon Book, I saved
$35 on movies
$25 on theme parks
$85 on nice restaurants
About $60 on fast food places
And money on bowling, miniature golf, local and national retailers, and hotels too!

Plus I gave coupons to friends so they could save too.
I would say, I saved over $250 by spending $25 last year to buy the book.
I thought that was a great deal and Now it is even better - so good that I ordered 2 books last week.

Now The 2010 Entertainment Book is on sale.
Get the 2010 Entertainment Book!

For people who go to restaurants, go to the movies, travel, shop, eat at sub shops and restaurants and like to save money this is really a gift that saves money on things you are going to do anyways.

Seriously, this is a great gift that has always saved me more than the book costs and how many gifts can say that!

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Free Shipping on Top Selling Golf GPS Units and More

Do you have a golfer on your Christmas list?

Have they requested a Golf GPS system or GPS Caddie? Well if so they may have requested one of these top selling Golf GPS systems.

Right now some of the best Golf GPS systems can be found at In the Hole golf and may come with bonus gifts. Since our original blog, many of the offers have expired and new ones are being offered.

Best selling Golf GPS units December 2009
Callaway uPro GPS
Sonocaddie Auto Play GPS
Sonocaddie V300
Bushnell Neo GPS
OnPar Golf GPS
SkyGolf SkyCaddie SG5
Bushnell Yardage Pro XGC GPS

If you are interested in any of these Golf GPS units or other golf equipment or accessories then check out this site.

The original Golf Coupon has expired but check our Coupon Codes for new coupons for In the Hole Golf

What more gifts and gift ideas, then check out Gift Idea Center for hundreds of gift ideas for men, women, kids and co-workers.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

5 Office Gifts that are Fun and Useful

Having an office gift exchange or just want to get something fun for a great co-worker or peer? Well we found a few items that are both fun and useful that won't break your bank.

Bucky Balls
– These desktop magnets can be made into a myriad of shapes, perfect for the co-worker that always has to be doing something.

– Creative dataheads will get a kick out of out Mimobots, colorful and themed flashdrives. Variety of styles and characters.

Cordless Charger
– For the office guy who is never in the office, a cordless charger can keep him in touch even when he is out of the office. Check out more cell phone accessories.

Rhinestone Mug
– She’s special, fun and loves coffee, then this personalized rhinestone mug should be a big hit. Colorful, bold and ready for coffee.

Headphonies – Headphonies are portable designer mini speakers that are compatible with all iPod variations, and will also work with other MP3 and CD players, as well as computers, handheld video games and even certain cell phones.

Check Gift Idea Center for more Business Gifts including
Employee / Co-worker Gifts
Recognition Gifts
Client Gifts and Holiday Gift Baskets

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Antique Maps - Unique Christmas Gift for History Buffs

You need something unique and creative for your Dad, Grandparents or World traveler, well have you considered and Antique Map?

Yes, they have city maps of New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Franscico and more from 100 to 150 years ago, plus globe and continent maps too.

These antique maps are not only interesting but they are history, so for any fan of history these maps are a glimpse of what use to be before what is today.

Antique art prints make a great addition to any den or study plus are conversation pieces for Doctor, Lawyers and Accounting offices in these cities.

The original coupon has expired visit our Coupon Codes page to check out current offers.

Visit my site for more Christmas Gifts and Great Gift Ideas

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Take of MSN’s Bing featured Gifts Under $50 for Fathers, Brothers and Husbands

This time of year everyone is gift advice and help in gift buying (including but are these great gifts or just more clutter and future yard sale items. You can view the slide show here

Let’s review MSN’s Bing - Gifts Under $50 for Fathers, Brothers and Husbands

1. Pool Wine Ball Stoppers – We like this one and offer note it on our site. Practical, cool and perfect the rec room. Thumbs Up

2. Museum Building Set – The Lego version of famous museum The Guggenheim. While it is creative, is appears to be $40 of future clutter. And when Niecy Nash from Clean House it will go in the yard sale. Thumbs Down

3. Hall of Fame Toy Pack – Wow, Crayons, silly putty, a slinky and a yo-yo. Hmm I am a grown man and this would go in a desk draw and stay there. If you have kids borrow theirs and save $20. Thumbs Down

4. The Beer Book – Beer facts and knowledge. For the guy who reads and loves micro-brews this is a sweet Thumbs Up gift. For the Bud Light crowd, it is a giant coaster and should be skipped.

5. Golf and Coffee Cup – They say any golf lover will love it. Really, one I use a coffee mug for coffee and an office putting machine because I love golf. The idea of mixing my coffee mug and office golf together is not ideal. Thumbs Down.

6. Like New Again T-Shirt – He has a favorite t-shirt that is aweful. You can make it new again by getting the design on a new tee. I like the idea, just answer this first. Is it the design he loves or that shirt because it was there for a memorable occasion. Thumbs Up

7. Bacon Jam – First thought was, I think I might be sick but after checking it out it is more of a seasoning item (condiment). For bacon fans – Thumbs Up for others Thumbs Down

8. Root Liquor – Mixed on this, they note you can pour it in ice cream. Hmm, do I really need to mix ice cream and alcohol? If he doesn’t entertain it will sit unless he eats ice cream and drinks alone. Thumbs Down

9. Peanut Butter Brittle – Yummy. I like it. Thumbs Up

10. Barbecue Sword – This BBQ sword also comes with a mask. Sorry I just don’t need that much adventure while cooking steaks, burgers and dogs. $28 to much. Thumbs Down

11. Comic Book Socks – These are cool but overpriced at $30. However, I guess that is the price you pay to be a Super Hero. Thumbs Up

12. The Onion – Our Front Pages – The perfect bathroom book and one that is sure to bring smiles and laughter. We like laughter. Thumbs Up

13. Bucky Balls – These are very cool magnets and might be the best office gift around. The magnets are amazingly strong and together form cool shapes. Thumbs Up

MSN did okay – We had 6 Thumbs Up, 5 Thumbs Down and 2 mixed.

Still looking for unique gift ideas, check out Gift Idea Center where we try to offer a diverse mix of gifts for all types of men.

The Gift Guy – Gift Idea Center

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Create a Great Christmas Gift List for Family & Friends

You’ve been asked to create a Christmas Gift List and you don’t know where to start. Well we have some tips and ideas to help you create a Great Christmas List in about 15 – 20 minutes.

The first step is to set aside the time to create the list and have a paper and pen or computer so you can create your list.

Then relax and start to think about gifts in 3 ways.

1. Needs
What items do I need? While these may not be the most exciting gifts, the fact is you will use it and it makes your life better. Examples: New Towels, sheets, work shoes, tires for the car or new coat

2. Wants
These are items you want but don’t necessarily need. For kids, these are the toys they want and for adults these tend to be gadgets, new clothes, jewelry, music, trips, experiences, hobbies, collectible gifts and accessories.

3. Rewards
What gifts lift your spirits and make you feel good. While these might be wants they are often things that make your day and make you smile inside and out. Examples would be Godiva chocolate, homemade cookies, Starbucks gift card, going to a spa, a dinner theater or sporting event.

Now before you start creating your Christmas list, reflect on past gifts and mentally review which gifts you treasure and enjoyed, which ones you use and which ones sit collecting dust.

Now you are about ready to begin, but first a few quick notes.
1. Write down the first thing that comes to mind whether large or small.
2. There are no wrong answers
3. If you are stump, reflect on the last time you thought “I could really use…” or just move on to the next question.

Let’s Get Started
Quickly List 3 – 5 answers (or more) for each question.

1. I need the following items for home / apartment?
Tip: Personal care, kitchen, living room, basic necessities…

2. I need the following items for work / school?
Tip: Car care - transportation, computer, briefcase / backpack items, office, books…

3. I need the following items for personal development / health?
Tip: Courses, books, vitamins, fitness items – If not applicable move on.

4. What home / apartment gift would make my live easier?

5. What work gift would make my life easier?

6. List up to 3 items you use most often. Now are there 1 to 3 accessories / upgrades that would improve or increase enjoyment these items.

7. List up to 3 of your favorite hobbies or sports. What gifts would increase the enjoyment of these sports or hobbies list 1 – 3 items.

8. If you need or want clothing complete the following:
My sizes are:
I would enjoy receiving: Knit shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, etc… (List 3 or 4)
My 3 Favorite stores are:
My 3 Favorite brands are:

9. List 3 Reward Gifts

10. List 3 gifts inspired by or that allows you to have fun.

Congratulations, you should now have between 20 to 100 gift ideas.

If you don’t you should have at least several good ideas and maybe you need to take a break and come back in a day and go through the question again. Another idea would be to go to my site Gift Idea Center and look at relevant pages and see if any of the items interest you. Amazon would be another site to visit for ideas.

Once you have your gift ideas, you can fine tune the list and come up with your top 10 or 20 items that you need or would like to receive this Christmas.

When making your final Christmas gift list make sure you include items of various prices and if you have set a price limit make sure all of your gifts fall in the agreed upon price limits.

I hope this Christmas Gift List exercise helps you and your loved ones have a Happy Holiday Season.

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5 Reasons You Need Christmas Gift List This Year

Do you get the gifts you want for Christmas?
Do you spend December 26th returning gifts?
Do want to make Christmas less hassle free?

Well it’s simple give loved ones a Christmas list!

Millions of kids do it each year and here are 5 Reason Adults Need to Create a Christmas List too.

1. You Get What You Want
Say you “Love It!” and mean it. Your odds of getting the exact item you want by sharing a list increases significantly. Plus you won’t have to waste time going to the mall to return gifts.

2. Save Money, Save Money, Save Money
A Christmas list in advance of Black Friday and other big holiday shopping weekends makes it easy for Gift Givers to shop and Save. It’s a lot easier to find a coupon or sale on an exact item, when they know what it is. Last year I was able to find a popular electronics item at 60% off on Black Friday, but only because I was looking for that exact gift! I have yet to see a better price for that item since, so I know I got a great deal. Start here to find deals Amazon, Ebay, Coupon Codes.

3. Reduce Christmas Shopping Stress
In today’s tough economy any added stress can ruin the holiday season, so in creating a gift list you are helping others enjoy the holidays more.

4. More Family & Fun Time
Christmas lists make shopping more efficient. Once gift givers have the list them can find the gifts at Amazon, Ebay or head to the mall with a purpose and then get the gift and go. This means you’ll have more time to share with friends, family and your kids.

5. Removes Gift Card Anxiety
Over the past year many well known retailers and restaurants went out of business, those who had given gift cards from those businesses were left with little or nothing. If you give a gift list of things you need then you won’t have to worry about it and neither will the gift giver.
So go on create your Christmas gift list, you and your loved ones will be glad you did!

Next Blog: Tips on creating the Perfect Grown Up Christmas Gift List

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Time to Get Your Advent Calendars, It's Almost December

We have one week left in November, so if you don't have your Advent calendar it's time to pick one up. It wasn't until I was at Target that I thought about how much fun the Advent calendar is; everyday getting a little treat.

And today when I started doing research I discovered that there are so many types Advent Calendars. Check out these fun Advent calendars.

LEGO City Advent Calendar
What I love is that Legos are so much fun by themselves and with a Advent calendar well it just gets better.

Kurt Adler Advent Calendar including
A variety of Nativity Calendars
Whimsical Snoopy Calendar
A Snowman Calendar
And Barbie, Dora and a Gingerbread calendar too.

The more I look, the more I am amazed that there are so many different Advent Calendars. here is a sample:
Twas the Night Before Christmas
Littlest Pet Shop
Polly Pocket Advent Calendar!
Christmas Critters
Playmobil Calendars

These calendars are so much fun and they really make the holiday season exciting for kids and adults. If you are thinking about get an Advent calendar you better hurry, as December is almost here!

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Be the Center of Attention with Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Want to be the Center of attention this Thanksgiving?

Well it is easy when you send Mom, Grandma or loved ones a beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece that will add a colorful compliment to any table.

Plus these fresh flowers will continue to inspire beyond Thanksgiving and might even last longer than the leftovers.

We found some great deals on Thanksgiving Centerpieces and want to pass them along to you so you can get more Flowers for your dollar.

1-800-Flowers is offering the Following Thanksgiving Specials

These Thanksgiving Promotions have ended, View seasonal Flowers and current Promotions and Flower Coupon Codes

ProFlowers is running the following Thanksgiving Promotions

These Thanksgiving Promotions have ended, View seasonal Flowers and current Promotions and Flower Coupon Codes

Whether you are a thousand miles away or attending the family gathering, these arrangements and Thanksgiving Centerpieces will be center of attention.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Gift Guy -

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Friday, November 20, 2009

For Kids Holiday Magic Do I Choose a Letter from Santa or Elf on the Shelf?

I love Christmas and the spirit in the air, a positive energy that seems to take over and joy and excitement children have about the holiday.

Which brings me to today's blog which is more magical for kids during the Holiday season a personalized letter from Santa or the Story of the Elf on a Shelf?

I have seen various letter from Santa sites and some are just letters but others add unique extras that include items from Mrs. Claus and even the reindeer. Check out these various Letter from Santa options I found.

They seem like fun and I know I would have enjoy getting a letter growing up, but after learning about The Elf on the Shelf story whether the Elf idea might be more fun.

The basic concept is that Santa has sent an elf to report back to Santa and each night the elf moves from one location to another in your house and the kids need to wake up and find the elf each morning.

I read the reviews and feedback and it does sound like it is a hit with children at Christmas time.

So which do you think would provide more Holiday Magic - a Letter from Santa or The Elf on the Shelf?

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Zhu Crazy – Zhu Zhu Pets this Years Hot Christmas Toy

They have unique personalities, make whimsical sounds, scoot and scamper in their tunnels and drive tiny cars.

They are Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and they are this year’s hottest Christmas gift and almost impossible to find.

Zhu Zhu Pets started showing up on sales lists in August and I didn’t pay much attention, but each week sales remained strong and inventories got lower and lower. Now, what was a fun under $10 toy has become The Christmas gift that is rarely found in stores.

However online Zhu Zhu hamsters are almost always sold out at Walmart and Target but can be found for $30, $40 and even $50 at other sites; and people are paying it.

Recent Zhu Zhu pet pricing on Amazon had Zhu Zhu Hamster Chunk (white) on sale for $39.95 and Zhu Zhu Hamster Mr. Squiggles, the most popular hamster which is brown) selling at $52.45.

On Ebay we found Zhu Zhu Chunk for $25 - $40 in auctions and Buy it Now prices ranging from $32 - $50 at the time of this posting. Zhu Zhu Mr Squiggles is running mid $30’s to $45 at auction and $40 - $55 on Buy it Now.

Yes, some Zhu Zhu pets are selling for 4 – 5 times the suggested retail. And parents are paying even during the recession to get these treasured gifts.

All I can say is ZHU Crazy!

How long will Zhu-mania last? Who knows but as long as parents seek Zhu Zhu Pets for under the Christmas tree the Zhu-mania will go on!

The Gift Guy
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shop Now and Save on 35% off Personalized Christmas Gifts

Wow, looking for an amazing sale where you can get the gift you want and great savings? Well we found one that is to good to pass up.

This Promotion has ended:
View Current off Personalized Gift Coupons Here!!!

Check out some of our favorite personalized holiday items.

Personalized Red Corduroy Jumper
Classic styling makes this sweet red jumper a holiday “must-have” for your little girl. Made of soft corduroy, it features a high waist, lined bodice and covered button shoulder straps.

Fun Christmas Stockings
This one is a applique velvet stocking but they have vintage, quilted, argyle and over a dozen styles that can be personalized for you and your family.

Family Ornaments
These range from whimsical family ornaments to personalized cartoon, scouts, baby’s first Christmas, our first Christmas and novelty themed ornaments.

Personalized Treats Jars
This personalized treat jars are the perfect gift for teachers, babysitters and friends. You can by one or you can by a set and save even more. That way you can give some away and save one for yourself.

Holiday Mugs
Start a Family Holiday Tradition with personalized Snowman or fun themed mugs. Perfect for hot cocoa, coffee or tea.

What we really love about this sale is that. You can order your Holiday items for yourself or as gifts for your friends and you can use them this Christmas!

In most cases you don't see savings like this until After Christmas! So enjoy the savings and Happy Holidays.
This Promotion has ended:
View Current off Personalized Gift Coupons Here!!!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Synchronize Outdoor Christmas Lights with Holiday Songs

You've seen the Youtube videos where guys set up their outdoor Christmas lights to light up according to the beats of the holiday music.

Well what if you could do that without much effort? Pretty cool huh, my thoughts exactly. I don't have time to mix music and try to figure out how it all works.

While stumbling across this I read that one guy got more creative and figured out how to get the music to play in peoples cars as they passed by using an iPod converter.

We found this at Amazon for $90 - $120 and maybe less at Ebay.

The Christmas Carol Sound and Light Show on Ebay
Prices are coming in under $90 for current auctions!
- Auctions this week should offer good value but in a week they will go up.
- Ebay Buy it Now prices are running $90 - $100 and some include Free shipping.

So if you like the idea of mixing your Christmas lights with music, then check out both sites for the best price and get ready for an entertaining Christmas!

The Gift Guy -

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to be a Halloween Contest Winner

Have you entered Halloween Contests year after year only to come up short of victory?

Instead of choosing your handmade costume that took you hours to make, the girl in a sexy Halloween costume won by applause or the 4 year that tripped on stage won the hearts of the judges for being cute and not crying.

Well do you want to increase you chances of Winning a Halloween Contest this year?

Then do to these 5 things:
1. Learn about every Halloween contest in your area from bars to movie theaters to radio station promos to community events to even pets stores and so on.

2. Discover how they judge the Halloween contest and review past winners?
Do the judges decide the Costume winners or is it by audience applause?
Are the winners sexy women, creative or humorous costumes, groups, pets or families? Often you can spot trends and if an event is by applause bring friends.

3. Be creative or be better. You don’t always have to do something that has never been done before, but it needs to be in a manner they have not seen before or is much better than they have seen to create a WoW factor.

4. Avoid winning costumes of last few years and most popular costumes. Don’t look at photos and then decide to copy a Halloween contest winner from that event. However, sometimes the best ideas come from far away, so if you live in Seattle see what won in Chicago or Austin or LA. And stay away from the most popular costumes like Michael Jackson, Star Trek or the dark Knight, because you won’t get noticed.

5. Our last tip to Win a Halloween Costume Contest is to go online!
Yes, did you know there are hundreds of Costume Contests online and many offer Cash Prizes!
Here are a few found:
BlockBuster Video Halloween Contest
Parenting – Halloween Contest
Coolest Homemade Costume
Dress Like Dolly Parton Costume Contest

Once you have your contest look for themed costume contests and general one but entering online contests is easy and it gives you more opportunities to win!

Good luck and Happy Halloween
Graduation Party Supplies

For More Halloween Fun visit our Halloween Store and Costumes
Halloween Party Games and Halloween Decorations

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Number 1 Selling Halloween Costumes is...

Quick Halloween Costume Update:

So what is the Number 1 selling Halloween costume so far for 2009?
Well lets just say the competition can't Beat It!

That's Right - Michael Jackson is No. 1 Again and this time it is for Halloween costumes. And it's just not one style of Michael Jackson costume that is selling, but several styles including
Michael Jackson - Beat It Jacket Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson (Billie Jean Costume) Adult
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Michael Jackson (Bad) Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Bad

Michael Jackson Thriller Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Thriller

While Michael leads the pack in individual costumes sales, there is a huge interest in one particular costume category.

Sales of Vampire costumes have really surged with the popularity of Twilight, True Blood and other vampire shows and movies. The best part is that both men and women can be vampires and you can add accent piece to a basic vampire costume to make it personalized.

Those are the big trends, but other top themes and costumes include Transformers, GI Joe and Harry Potter for boys. Disney Princess, Disney Fairies and Witches for girls.

The last big theme we are seeing is Zombies, this trend is stemming from Thriller, and Zombieland. Expect to see groups of zombies together and if the right song is played they might just break out into a dance routine.

For Halloween costumes, decorations and party supplies
Graduation Party Supplies

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Get that Personalized Halloween Shirt, Trick or Treat Bag or Decor and Save - This Weekend Only

Save money on Personalized Halloween items and get to use them all month long.

If you love Halloween just check out these great personalized items that are perfect for school events, trick or treating and welcome decor for family and guests.

You can Save on Your Halloween Order - This Limited Time Offer has Ended - Check out Current Personalized Gift Coupons

View more Personalized Halloween Gifts like these and many more check out the large selection of personalized gifts. And you can even pick up personalized Christmas ornament if you want!

This Super Sale has ended.
Current Halloween Discounts here

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bleeding Skulls, Haunted Photos and other Indoor Halloween Decorations

Continuing with our Halloween decoration series we wanted to feature some indoor Halloween decorations that should add an extra touch of fun or horror to your Halloween party.

Battery operated Bleeding Skull Fountain Bleeding Skull Fountain
This tragic skull is perfect next to finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers or near the ice. This skull is sure to encourage a hearty appetite for all as blood oozes from it's eyes. If this skull is not active enough, they also have a spinning eyeball skull fountain too.

Gortrait-Master Damien D'MonHaunting Portrait
Walk by one way and it is a classic family portrait taken in the early 1900's, walk by the other way and it is a haunting image of the evil Master Damien D'Mon. This is one of several changing photo images. A fun decoration that catches guests off guard.

Talking Light-Up Pirate Head Talking Pirate Skull
It's bad enough that the pirate skull is scary, whats worse is that it talks and insults your guests. Like: "Awww, You're such a ought to be buried! arrrrgh!" Fun entertainment for kids parties, trick or treaters, and office events.

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with SoundBloody Chainsaw
Want to make a scene at your Halloween party then stage a few screams and have someone with a mask carrying this bloody chainsaw. Really want to scare your 10-12 yr olds then tell some scary stories and while in mid-story have someone jump out with this. (Be ready to clean up after this though.)

These indoor Halloween decorations should add a little fun to your Halloween party or activities. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The other day we featured life sized Halloween decorations that were perfect for big time scares. We also found some great outdoor Halloween decorations that add intrigue and maybe even a smile to the outdoors.

Corpse Solar Light Out of the Ground Solar Corpse
Yes, now you can be eco-friendly and scare neighborhood kids with this ghoul who carries a lantern that is charged by sunlight and later on emits and ghastly glow. Fun and interesting.

4' Airblown Black Cat Airblown Black Cat
This oversized black cat is ready to pounce so watch out. This outdoor Halloween decoration is a fun and colorful decoration that says - Halloween is fun and not always scary. There is also an animated version of this cat too.

Rocking BatRocking Bat
Add 1, 2, or 3 of this rocking bats to your porch and guests and trick or treaters might think twice before knocking on your door. You might hear "I thought it was real" from young and old alike.

Out Of Ground TorsoCrawling Out of the Ground Zombie
If you don't have a need for lights then this Zombie reaching for freedom might just be the perfect Halloween decoration. Finally after years of darkness this zombie has made it to the surface in your front yard and is ready to begin his feast.

We hope these outdoor Halloween decorations inspire you to make your own creative Halloween display. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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