Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Take of MSN’s Bing featured Gifts Under $50 for Fathers, Brothers and Husbands

This time of year everyone is gift advice and help in gift buying (including but are these great gifts or just more clutter and future yard sale items. You can view the slide show here

Let’s review MSN’s Bing - Gifts Under $50 for Fathers, Brothers and Husbands

1. Pool Wine Ball Stoppers – We like this one and offer note it on our site. Practical, cool and perfect the rec room. Thumbs Up

2. Museum Building Set – The Lego version of famous museum The Guggenheim. While it is creative, is appears to be $40 of future clutter. And when Niecy Nash from Clean House it will go in the yard sale. Thumbs Down

3. Hall of Fame Toy Pack – Wow, Crayons, silly putty, a slinky and a yo-yo. Hmm I am a grown man and this would go in a desk draw and stay there. If you have kids borrow theirs and save $20. Thumbs Down

4. The Beer Book – Beer facts and knowledge. For the guy who reads and loves micro-brews this is a sweet Thumbs Up gift. For the Bud Light crowd, it is a giant coaster and should be skipped.

5. Golf and Coffee Cup – They say any golf lover will love it. Really, one I use a coffee mug for coffee and an office putting machine because I love golf. The idea of mixing my coffee mug and office golf together is not ideal. Thumbs Down.

6. Like New Again T-Shirt – He has a favorite t-shirt that is aweful. You can make it new again by getting the design on a new tee. I like the idea, just answer this first. Is it the design he loves or that shirt because it was there for a memorable occasion. Thumbs Up

7. Bacon Jam – First thought was, I think I might be sick but after checking it out it is more of a seasoning item (condiment). For bacon fans – Thumbs Up for others Thumbs Down

8. Root Liquor – Mixed on this, they note you can pour it in ice cream. Hmm, do I really need to mix ice cream and alcohol? If he doesn’t entertain it will sit unless he eats ice cream and drinks alone. Thumbs Down

9. Peanut Butter Brittle – Yummy. I like it. Thumbs Up

10. Barbecue Sword – This BBQ sword also comes with a mask. Sorry I just don’t need that much adventure while cooking steaks, burgers and dogs. $28 to much. Thumbs Down

11. Comic Book Socks – These are cool but overpriced at $30. However, I guess that is the price you pay to be a Super Hero. Thumbs Up

12. The Onion – Our Front Pages – The perfect bathroom book and one that is sure to bring smiles and laughter. We like laughter. Thumbs Up

13. Bucky Balls – These are very cool magnets and might be the best office gift around. The magnets are amazingly strong and together form cool shapes. Thumbs Up

MSN did okay – We had 6 Thumbs Up, 5 Thumbs Down and 2 mixed.

Still looking for unique gift ideas, check out Gift Idea Center where we try to offer a diverse mix of gifts for all types of men.

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