Friday, June 12, 2009

Hit your Father's Day Gift OUt of the Ballpark with Baseball Stiches Cuff Links

What something different and unique for your dad's for Father's Dad?

Well if your Dad wears suits and loves America's pastime, baseball, then he will most likely enjoy these unique Baseball Stiches Cuff Links that are made from actual balls used during major league baseball games.

The iconic red baseball stiching is centered in the middle of the cuff link to give is a unique and stylish look that will reflect him and his love of the game.

A customer who bought these said "they're a good size and look very authentic, but are also elegant. I would recommend them to anyone who loves the game."

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The Beer Holster - A Father's Day Hit

One day someone saw a gun holster while holding a beer and said, hmmm that could be useful.

Yes, useful in helping dad enjoy a refreshing beverage while grilling steaks, throwing horseshoes or working on outdoor projects. And so the Beer Holster was born.

Must first thought was that this gift seems a little impractical but then last weekend we went to our friends house and threw horseshoes and everytime I had to throw I had to look for a place to put my beer; now I view the beer or beverage holster as a good gift idea.

My other drawback has been the price almost $50 but I read all the reviews and while some agree with me, they still love it. So people are finding value in this gift. Hurry I check and found that the beer holster supplies are limited!

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Give Dad Great Skin for Father's Day

What if you could gift Dad a gift that made him feel and look better everyday and actually made his skin healthier?

Well it sounds like a Win, Win, Win!

And what if I told you that just by purchasing him a Father's Day gift you could get Bonus gifts for him or yourself! Sounds great doesn't it, but to get these Bonus Gifts you need the codes. (See below)

Were Sorry the Father's Day Offers have expired.

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Top 5 Men's Cologne Gift Sets for Father's Day

Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away and now is the time to purchase a great cologne gift set at a great price and get FREE shipping too!

Colognes are a great gift idea for Dad and now you can easily find the right cologne or gift set with everyday discounts up to 70% OFF retail and Free Shipping for US orders.

Here are the Top Selling Men's Colognes Set heading into Father's Day.
1. PAUL SEBASTIAN by Paul Sebastian for MEN
2. CALVIN KLEIN VARIETY by Calvin Klein for MEN
3. ROMANCE SILVER by Ralph Lauren for MEN
4. GREY FLANNEL by Geoffrey Beene for MEN
5. COOL WATER by Davidoff for MEN

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