Friday, June 12, 2009

The Beer Holster - A Father's Day Hit

One day someone saw a gun holster while holding a beer and said, hmmm that could be useful.

Yes, useful in helping dad enjoy a refreshing beverage while grilling steaks, throwing horseshoes or working on outdoor projects. And so the Beer Holster was born.

Must first thought was that this gift seems a little impractical but then last weekend we went to our friends house and threw horseshoes and everytime I had to throw I had to look for a place to put my beer; now I view the beer or beverage holster as a good gift idea.

My other drawback has been the price almost $50 but I read all the reviews and while some agree with me, they still love it. So people are finding value in this gift. Hurry I check and found that the beer holster supplies are limited!

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