Friday, December 14, 2007

Fiestaware and Mikasa - Order now for Christmas

If you are planning a Christmas meal make sure you have enough dinnerware for everyone and if you plan to give a dinnerware gift and want it before the holiday you need to act now!

Yes - place your order soon or you my be left empty handed.

Two of America's most popular dinnerware brands Fiestaware and Mikasa have a great selection ready to ship.

To a few minutes today and place your order for Fiestaware or Mikasa, you will be glad you did.

Happy Holidays - The Gift Guy

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Unique Gifts for Uncommon People

Looking for the truely unique gift or item that you just didn't know was out there like...

Partridge and Turtle Dove Bird Call
Forget Me Knot Rings
Recycled Sweater Scarfs
Saucy Tampon Cases
Rag Bag Purses
Duct Tape Wallet - Sounds Logical ;)
Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet
Quote Money Clip
and much, much, more

Check out all these unique gifts at

Gift Guy

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Party Games - Keep Kids Entertained

Having a Christmas Party, relatives visiting or want to keep the kids entertained - Then get an assortment of games you can use again and again.

Well here is a great idea, Fun Family Games for Christmas. Choose from Christmas Charades, Holiday Bingo, Christmas Pictionary and more... Your whole group can have fun together with these games.

Here for Fun Party & Family Christmas Games

The Gift Guy

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Perfume Buying Tips

You love her scent and you want to get her something special.

Well how do you make sure you buy the right purfume? Well here are some simple tips.

1. Women want a perfume they know smells good on them. So buy what they already have. (It saves on the - Don't you like what I wear question?)

2. If you want a change - try this
Next time in the department store, suggest check out perfume for your mom as a gift. While there ask if there are any fragrances she would like? To be sure you get the right one, see if they have it so you can smell it. If you like it, remember the name and buy later.

3. Save on your purchase - Buy online
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You always look like a hero when you buy online and you can always pick up something for yourself too.

The Gift Guy

Popcorn Holiday Gifts and Gift Baskets

Need to send a business client something special or want to send friends and family a gift they will really enjoy?

Well gourmet popcorn gifts will do it. Chocolate covered popcorn and other great treats are so tasty they really melt in your mouth. It really is awesome.

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Just a mouthwatering sample of flavors... hmmmm
Smokehouse Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
Chocolate Chunk & Carmel Popcorn - My Favorite!
Sweet Georgia Pecan Popcorn
White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn Popcorn
Toffee Drizzle Crunch and lots more.

Enjoy one iof Oprah's and my Favorite Things

The Gift Guy