Thursday, December 06, 2007

Perfume Buying Tips

You love her scent and you want to get her something special.

Well how do you make sure you buy the right purfume? Well here are some simple tips.

1. Women want a perfume they know smells good on them. So buy what they already have. (It saves on the - Don't you like what I wear question?)

2. If you want a change - try this
Next time in the department store, suggest check out perfume for your mom as a gift. While there ask if there are any fragrances she would like? To be sure you get the right one, see if they have it so you can smell it. If you like it, remember the name and buy later.

3. Save on your purchase - Buy online
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You always look like a hero when you buy online and you can always pick up something for yourself too.

The Gift Guy