Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bleeding Skulls, Haunted Photos and other Indoor Halloween Decorations

Continuing with our Halloween decoration series we wanted to feature some indoor Halloween decorations that should add an extra touch of fun or horror to your Halloween party.

Battery operated Bleeding Skull Fountain Bleeding Skull Fountain
This tragic skull is perfect next to finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers or near the ice. This skull is sure to encourage a hearty appetite for all as blood oozes from it's eyes. If this skull is not active enough, they also have a spinning eyeball skull fountain too.

Gortrait-Master Damien D'MonHaunting Portrait
Walk by one way and it is a classic family portrait taken in the early 1900's, walk by the other way and it is a haunting image of the evil Master Damien D'Mon. This is one of several changing photo images. A fun decoration that catches guests off guard.

Talking Light-Up Pirate Head Talking Pirate Skull
It's bad enough that the pirate skull is scary, whats worse is that it talks and insults your guests. Like: "Awww, You're such a ought to be buried! arrrrgh!" Fun entertainment for kids parties, trick or treaters, and office events.

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with SoundBloody Chainsaw
Want to make a scene at your Halloween party then stage a few screams and have someone with a mask carrying this bloody chainsaw. Really want to scare your 10-12 yr olds then tell some scary stories and while in mid-story have someone jump out with this. (Be ready to clean up after this though.)

These indoor Halloween decorations should add a little fun to your Halloween party or activities. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The other day we featured life sized Halloween decorations that were perfect for big time scares. We also found some great outdoor Halloween decorations that add intrigue and maybe even a smile to the outdoors.

Corpse Solar Light Out of the Ground Solar Corpse
Yes, now you can be eco-friendly and scare neighborhood kids with this ghoul who carries a lantern that is charged by sunlight and later on emits and ghastly glow. Fun and interesting.

4' Airblown Black Cat Airblown Black Cat
This oversized black cat is ready to pounce so watch out. This outdoor Halloween decoration is a fun and colorful decoration that says - Halloween is fun and not always scary. There is also an animated version of this cat too.

Rocking BatRocking Bat
Add 1, 2, or 3 of this rocking bats to your porch and guests and trick or treaters might think twice before knocking on your door. You might hear "I thought it was real" from young and old alike.

Out Of Ground TorsoCrawling Out of the Ground Zombie
If you don't have a need for lights then this Zombie reaching for freedom might just be the perfect Halloween decoration. Finally after years of darkness this zombie has made it to the surface in your front yard and is ready to begin his feast.

We hope these outdoor Halloween decorations inspire you to make your own creative Halloween display. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes that Make You Go Hmmmm

I have been reviewing a lot of Halloween costumes over the last few weeks and I have got to say that every once in a while I wonder; Who would wear that and why?

Several of these costumes sell well at Halloween but I am puzzled by their appeal. Speaking of appeal, that leads right into the first costume.

Banana Deluxe Adult CostumeA Giant Banana
What makes the Banana Costume a big seller? Hey, I’m the Big Banana or maybe you are party of the Fruit of the Loom Group or you are going to your Halloween party with a giant gorilla. Well, the good news is that if you are wearing a banana you are much less likely to slip on one.

Taco Adult CostumeTaco
I was puzzled before but I am even more confused by the desire to be a oversized Taco. I think it might make more sense if you had that little dog with you, but how can you see a dog if you are a large Taco, you can't even see your feet. Plus, this is not a good costume at a party where people are hungry.

Cell Phone AdultCell Phone Costume
This costume says, I wear this at work and for play. Well, no one will think you work for Apple dressing as cell phone and I am not sure many people will be after your number in such a get up. However, if you could show real-time messages on a screen, like a text message then that could be interesting.

Woopie Cushion Adult CostumeWoopie Cushion
A few days ago I included the Fart-O-Meter on my funny costume list and now I am listing the Woopie Cushion on my why list. Really, you want to wear something that looks like a water bottle and makes no noise. If this costume had sound effects it would be somewhat entertaining.

Rat Trap Adult CostumeRat Trap
Rats are scary, Traps are scary, but a rat caught in a trap not so scary and in fact a little insulting. A zombie rat would be interesting. While this could be humorous for an exterminator I just get it. Now if it was a gummie bear in a bear trap, that would be a sweet conversation piece.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Decorations - Scary Life Sized Halloween Props

While we have been checking out Halloween costumes, we couldn't pass up some of these great Halloween decorations that are sure to cause a scream or two. Today we focused on life sized Halloween decorations that can cause a scare inside or on your front porch.

6' Life Size Jason Voorhees Life Sized Jason Voorhees
The Friday the 13th movies were scary enough, but what is worse is a life sized Jason hidden behind a door, in the shower or in the shadows of any room. And to make things more interesting you can set this animated Jason to motion activated so just as your friends reach for a treat they get tricked.

6' Hanging Ghoul Hanging Ghoul
This 6 foot long ghoul is perfect for a front porch, tree or indoor room display. Just a little bit of wind makes this ghoul really come to life with a scary flowing movement, use a fan if indoors.

4' Spinning Pirate TorsoSpinning Pirate Torso
This pirate has seen better days, but his best days may be yet to come as he frightens guests and strangers by spinning slowly on your front porch or in a hunted room scene. Add a strobe light and you have a haunting vision.

6' Hanging Bloody ButcherHanging Bloody Butcher
This Butcher has seen better days. The scary skeleton butcher has had a hard day at work and now wants some peace and quiet. Those screaming kids aren't helping matters either. This scary skeleton has posable arms and is perfect for haunting scenes and greeting trick or treaters.

We hope these Halloween decorations don't scare you off to much, they all need good homes and children to haunt. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny Halloween Costumes that Mkae Us Smile

Earlier this week I blogged about Halloween costumes that I found scary, that aren’t meant to be scary. Today I am reviewing Funny Halloween costumes. These costumes are sure to bring a smile to those guests who enjoy a good laugh.

Fart-O-Meter AdultFart-O-Meter
Yes it helps to be a guy to enjoy this costume but just think of all the fun you could have walking behind certain friends and family. Watch out if you are around strangers, they might take the Fart-O-Meter costume the wrong way.

Beer Man Adult CostumeBeer Man
What football, sports or steak and potatoes guy won’t love the Beer Man costume, a simple concept for a Superhero that packs a thirst quenching punch. The only down side to this costume is that friends might insist that Beer Man get them beers all night long.

Lost Puppy AdultLost Puppy Costume
The first time guests see this costume they might ask, What? Then once you ask it you have seen her lost puppy they might just get a chuckle or send PETA to your house. This is a fun idea can be used for other costumes to: Lost Cat or Kitty, Lost Bird or add your own barnyard animal.

The Illusion Bull Rider AdultBull Rider Costume
The first time I saw these types of costumes I was impressed and I still am. The Bull Rider costume is fun and can be a conversation starter because it is so creative. (Even though you bought it online!)

We hope these Halloween costumes brought a smile to your face too. Visit out our site for more Halloween fun.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scary Halloween Costumes that aren't Meant to be Scary

Halloween may not be a gift giving holiday, but we enjoy reviewing Halloween items and costumes, so much so that we will do a blog series on Halloween costumes.

We decided to start with Scary Halloween Costumes that aren't meant to be Scary. You may agree or disagree but we found these costumes to be a little chilling.

Burger King Deluxe Adult CostumeThe Burger King
The Burger King mascot used to be a fun loving guy, now the Burger King mascot shows up in bed, in living rooms to steal glasses and taunts people. I can see Ronald, Wendy and the Colonel being taken out in some bad horror flick by this guy.

Giggles The Clown Adult CostumeGiggles the Clown
While I have never been a big fan of clowns, Giggles just gives me the creeps. Maybe its the distracting dots or the orange hair but my gut says stay away from the evil clown.

Aloha Gorilla AdultAloha Gorilla Costume
Sounds like fun, combine a happy gorilla with a hula outfit and you have a fun costume. However, all I could see was an angry gorilla that was forced to wear an outfit that angered him or her and and now the gorilla wants to rip my head off and use it for a trophy.

Cry Baby Adult CostumeCry Baby
Oh, a cut little baby crying. If the idea of an oversized diaper, a bottle and a baby doesn't scare you it should. This is a scary costume that reminds me that the nursing home is 2 miles away and I will be in one in 35 years.

Operation AdultOperation Game Costume
The Game Operation was always a blast. Remove a body part and if you hit the side it buzzed and you lost your turn. Now that great game is a Halloween costumes that looks like a surgical map! Hmm, place knife here and turn; sounds like a perfect Halloween costume after all.

More Halloween Costumes blogs to come
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