Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unicorns, Bacon and Other Odd Gift Exchange Gifts

Your Office Gift Exchange is coming up and you want a really cool gift exchange gift right?

Well we've got Gift Exchange Gifts that will be remembered well past Christmas. We've created a page of the Best Gift Exchange Gifts too so you can find even more great gifts.

Everyone loves Unicorn's Right?
Well then everyone will want the Avenging Unicorn Playset featuring a spunky little unicorn that just doesn't want to play nice. This gift will provide hours of fun for young and old and is sure to be on the more stolen list this Christmas.

Bacon, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!
Bacon has moved into fashion and other strange gifts. Consider a fashionable bacon watch or wallet, baconaise sandwich spread or even Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure Board Game. Bacon lovers will be in heaven over these gifts and vegetarians might spit in your face but what would the Christmas office party be without some drama. See these bacon gifts and more on our Gift Exchange Gifts page.

And Fun Novelty Gifts that are Hated by Most People
If you are looking for candles, scented hand lotion, movies tickets or a tasty gourmet treat, read another blog. These are some of our most interesting gifts we have found:
- Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener
- 12 Days of Christmas Shot Glasses (And who doesn't need this)
- Jersey Shore Bobble Head - Perfect for someone you don't like at all
- Caffeine Candy - Oh What Fun!
- Fake Lottery Tickets - Just Smile and say "Your Welcome"
- Word Search Toilet Paper - Hours of Fun
And more Gift Exchange Gifts here

Happy Holidays

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect is Here and Wow is it Fun!

I love my Wii but Microsoft's XBox Kinect is awesome.

With Kinect is reads your movements without a controller. Gone are the days when you fear someone is going to throw the Wii controller into the tv set!

Kinect makes you the controller and as you move so does your character in the game!

Plus if you already have an XBox 360 you just need ot buy the Kinect Sensor with games. An dif you don't have and XBox 360 they are bundling them with Kinect!

Several places sold out already but if you can't find it in the store then be sure to check Ebay for Kinect!

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