Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yummy Mother's Day Gifts - Mom Will Eat Up!

Does Mom have a sweet tooth, well then she will love these 3 tasty treats we found at Edible Gifts Plus. It's hard to look at these gourmet gifts and not think about ordering it for yourself, but if you spend Mother's Day with Mom I am sure she will share.

Mother's Day Oreos

$Mother's Day Oreos and Grahams
Not only are Oreo's one of my favorite treats, but these Oreo's are hand dipped in Belgian chocolates and then decorated with colorful sprinkles and then the accents are added to give it a special touch.

Each Cookie is individually and sealed, so the first Oreo is as fresh as the last. Minimum order is 12.

Mother's Day Wheel of Fortune

If Mom has been searching for Good Fortune these Mother's Day fortune cookies are the place to start. These fortune cookie are like no others as they are Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Gourmet Fortune Cookies.

Each cookie is hand dipped, decorated and comes with Good Fortunes.

Mother's Day Tulips

While most Mom's enjoy flowers, some would rather receive something that goes to good use. These fresh baked tulip cookies and sure to fit the bill and bring a smile to everyone's face.

These tulips cookies are not only beautiful to look at but also delightful to eat. Note: This assortment is available starting on May 1st.

This is just sample of the tasty Mother's Day gifts that can be found at Edible Gifts Plus. Check out their site for more offerings and remember to order soon, Mother's Day is May 10th.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overstock Mother's Day Deals - Take Advantage of a Bad Economy and Get a Great Mother's Day Gift for Less

When the economy is bad, retailers ship excess inventory of to online sites like Overstock so that they can sell it.
The result is that you end up with a great gift for less money!

Well we did the research and found a few Mother's Day gifts on Overstock that had exceptional ratings and offered a unique value. While we had lots of gifts to choose from we selected two that met our quality standards and offer exceptional value.

The Mother’s Day Deluxe Relaxation Gift Box comes with all the extra's for relaxation and pampering, but it costs 40% less than what you would expect to pay at fine department stores.

This Relaxation Gift Box comes with a rain-scented assortment of products. Under $40
Anti-stress serenity bath gel
Body lotion
Bubble bath and bath salts
Blue bath sponge
Cooling eye gel mask
Peppermint tea sachets

The other Mother's Day Gift is 14k White Gold 3/4ct TDW Round Diamond Stud Earrings.
Yes diamond earrings, while this is not a typical the savings are exceptional and if you want to get a gift that mom will always enjoy showing off, this is it.

Here are the details on these Diamond Stud Earrings.
Stud earrings made of 14-karat white gold
Four-prong settings
Two brilliant-cut diamonds 3/4* total diamond carat weight
G-H color, SI-1 clarity
Traditional posts with butterfly backs

If these Mother's Day gifts aren't quite right for your Mom, well then check out lots of other Mother's Day Gifts at the Gift Idea Center. Where you'll find do it yourself gifts, personalized gifts, unique gifts and gifts that will make your Mom laugh.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Selling Mother's Day Perfumes

Sometimes knowing what is popular can help us find just the right gifts. So when I saw the email showing me the Top Ten selling perfumes as we approach Mother's Day, I thought I would share.

These are the Top Selling perfume at Fragrance Net one of the leading online fragrance stores.
1. D & G LIGHT BLUE by Dolce & Gabbana for WOMEN
2. SUNG by Alfred Sung for WOMEN
3. JESSICA MC CLINTOCK by Jessica McClintock for WOMEN
4. DESIGN by Paul Sebastian for WOMEN
5. ETERNITY by Calvin Klein for WOMEN
6. EUPHORIA by Calvin Klein for WOMEN
7. OBSESSION by Calvin Klein for WOMEN
8. CASUAL by Paul Sebastian for WOMEN
9. MACKIE by Bob Mackie for WOMEN
10. NUDE by Bill Blass for WOMEN

The Oringinal Perfume Coupon has expired - check here for new perfume coupon codes.
So save gas, save time, save money and order Mom a great gift online!
Or pick up something for yourself.

Note: After May 4th - You get Free Shipping with the a $70 purchase.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Unique Mother's Day Cruise is The Perfect Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Surprise

When was the last time you really surprised your Mom on Mother's Day?

No, we are not talking about tripping and spilling the her breakfast in bed all over her or her look of horror when she saw the kitchen.

But when she was pleasantly surprised and had not only an inner but outer smile on her face. Well this unique Mother's Day cruise is a perfect surprise that is unexpected and fun.

This is a great way to pull Mom away from the house, get out, have others serve her and be in a unique setting. This is the type of gift that will be remember for years and shared in years to come.

We have found that Mother's Day Cruises are available in select cities and most are offering a Brunch, Lunch and Dinner cruise. Here a the cities we found.

Get the details on Mother's Day Cruises here.
Baltimore Mother's Day Cruise - Dinner
Boston Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Chicago Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Clearwater / St. Petersburg / Tampa FL Mother's Day Cruise - Lunch, Dinner
Las Vegas - Lake Meade Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Dinner
Los Angeles Mother's Day Cruise - Marina Del Ray & Newport Beach - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
New Orleans Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
New York City Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Norfolk, VA Mother's Day Cruise - Lunch, Dinner
Philadelphia Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
San Diego Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
San Francisco Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Dinner
Washington DC Mother's Day Cruise - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

If you are interested in this Cruise, we recommend that you book your Mother's Day Cruise early as space is limited. Remember Mother's Day is May 10th.

And if you like unique gifts or want more Mother's Day gift ideas be sure to visit the Gift Idea Center where we pull together the best from the web saving you time!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plan Ahead for Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

Spring is in the air and their is Spring cleaning, yardwork and lots to do.
And Mother's Day is fast approaching, yes Mother's Day - Its May 10th!

However there is no reason to panic, just plan ahead and get her a great personalized gift it's easy and if you order early you can save with online coupons! That's right you can score a great gift, order it early, relax and save money! Mom would be so proud.

Here are a few Mother's Day gifts that Mom will love from various online retailers.
Sweet Treats Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses
This is a great gift for Mom and Grandma's as you can send a kiss even if you are not there. And if you want add personalized hug coupons too! Just for Mom.

You can personalize with Mom, Nana, Grandma and then add your name at too. It will become a family favorite for years to come.

The Mothers Embrace Print
This print has a touching expression of love that is shared between a Mother and child. This makes a great gift for Mom or Grandma and has been rated highly by buyers. Perfect to show how you feel, even if you have trouble saying it.

Birthstone Heart Necklace
For some Mom's Jewelry is the best gift. Jewelry is a great gift because they can wear it out for a special event and have others admire it or they can wear it at home knowing that it came from the ones that meaning the most.

We thought this beautiful Heart Necklace had the right mix of color and balance to make a great gift, we hope you agree.

Monogrammed Gardening Gloves
For the Mom that likes to dig into things and it often found spending her days in the garden. These gloves will be a special surprise. Not only are they well made and look good, they are monogrammed and are just for her. A special treat indeed.

These are some of our favorite Mother's Day personalized gifts, but we have more Mother's Day gifts on our site Gift Idea Center and be sure to check our Coupon Code page to see if you can save on your Mother's Day Gift.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tasty Omaha Steaks on Sale for Summer Cookouts & Holidays

The days are getting longer and cook out season is here.

And Now you can Save on the Best Steaks, Burgers and Filets from Omaha Steaks. These aged steaks and gourmet burgers turn any weekend cookout into something special. Tasty, juicy steaks that are perfect for grilling.

Now you get Steakhouse quality steaks for much less.

This is get for Graduations, Mother's Day, Race Day Tailgates, Weekend BBQ's, Memorial Day and Father's Day. Plan ahead and Save big on Omaha Steaks!, Inc.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

New, Cool Mother's Day Gifts

We have just updated our Mother's Day gifts section and have we found some cool gift ideas.

Of course you'll find personalized Mother's Day jewelry, but you probably never thought about a Mother's Day brunch cruise or Slang Flashcards (yes they do exist) or a Butterfly Scatter Garden. Plus we have other gift ideas too.

One of the most unique gifts we uncovered was the Timelapse Garden Video camera. This camera captures they growth and blooming of your garden and flowers. So if your mom is a gardener, this might be the right gift for her.

Well I can't list all the Mother's Day gift ideas here and we still have more Mother's Day gifts to add but be sure to check out these unique Mother's Day gifts now!

Don't forget Mother's Day is May 10th!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mock Rocks - Unique Gift to Cover Landscape Eyesores

I was reviewing gifts on the other day and ran across Mock Rocks.

Yes, Mock Rocks! You know the artificial rocks that you add to your landscape to cover up ugly pipes or un-natural items you can't get ride of.

These mock rocks cover up the eyesore with what looks like a rock. While some of these look like a nice rock the giaint one looks like an artificial gray mound to me.

However, I know that my mom would enjoy a cluster of these mock rocks to cover several items around the yard.

I think the Address Plaque Mock Rocks and small to medium sized rocks look like great gifts and would work for anyone who is frustrated with difficult yard eyesores.

I would nix the oversized Mock Rock as a gift, it just appears to big and odd looking. I would recommend adding bushes around an eyesore that big.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stock Gifts Make Great 1st Birthday, Graduation and Investment Teach Gifts

Looking for a unique and educational gift? Then consider giving a Share of Stock.

And with upcoming changes this gift will become more interesting as time goes on as Stock Certificates are being phased out by many major corporations. Wrigley's, Trump and others are saying goodbye to stock certificates and moving to digital records to save money.

So not only is your gift unique, it is becoing history and maybe a collectors item too!

Why give Stock as a gift?
Well stocks are part of the American fabric and they also tell a story about investing and building wealth. While stocks go up and down in value, it is interesting to share what a stock is and if they get a dividend earn money. What child wouldn't like getting a check every 3 months.
Teach your child how to invest with 1 Share!

A share of stock is a great 1st Birthday gift as the value of a company is likley to grow over the year. (Hopefully at least) And when they get older they can sometimes be amazed that a stock bought when they were 1 could be worth 2, 5, 10 or many times it's original value.

If the company pays a dividend they may now have 2, 3 or more shares of stock after 10 or 15 years.

Buying Stock is also a great Graduation gift too. It is a great way to say, plan for your future, invest and good luck. It is also a gift that allows you to talk about stocks, 401K's and saving in general.

In these tough times, education on saving and investing is important for everyone.

Why some stocks are being discontinued some still remain, here is a list of the top selling Stock as Gifts this year.

1. Disney
2. Harley Davidson
3. Ford
Check One Share for Purchasing other Top Ten Stocks
4. Dreamworks Animation
5. Tiffany &Co.

Learn more about giving Stock Certificates as Gifts

Giving a Certificate of Stock is a unique and financial investment that the recipient will learn to appreciate over time. Think you can help them build their financial empire buy giving them a share of stock today!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Traveling this Easter Plan Ahead for Sending Easter Baskets

Just because you will be away from home this Easter doesn't mean that you have to pass on the tradition of an Easter Basket.

In fact with proper planning you Easter can be just as much fun, but you need to take the proper steps to ensure that you'll have your Easter Basket on Sunday morning.

1. Review where you are stay family or at a hotel
2. Check to see if you can order Easter baskets to send to where you will be staying and will someone be able to sign for them. (Remember you want to keep it a secret.)
3. Learn if you need to pick up the Easter Baskets or will the be placed in your rooms upon arrival?
4. Once you check in out the hotel, find a place where you can safely hide the baskets
5. Once they arrive hide them and then present them on Easter Morning

Easter Basket Tips
1. When on the road, less is more remember you may not be able to bring all the candy home.
2. Consider the idea of a family basket
3. If you purchase several baskets consider shipping them back home rather than taking them on an airplane it will cost less.

We found a fun variety of Easter Baskets, Decorated Oreo Cookies, Krispy Treats, Cookies, Lollipop Bouquets and more at Edible Gifts Plus.

More Easter Items: Easter Gifts, Christian Gifts, Easter Games

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Don't Forget The Personalized Easter Baskets

Easter is fast approaching, but there is no reason to panic you can still get a personalized Easter Basket and Easter gifts.

We found this Personalized Easter Basket at Personal Creations. This basket is traditinoal in style and is personalized just for your loved ones and ready to be filled with candy and surprises.
Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Monogram Golf Club Links - Great Golfer or Father's Day Gift

Personalized Golf GiftSpring is in the air and golf clubs are swinging across the land. While some are swinging and landing the perfect shot on the green; others are being thrown in discust and anger.

However, the game of golf is a love / hate relationship with many golfers where that one amazing shot clearly outweighs all that bad ones that day.

Golfers also spend a lot of money on their clubs and sometimes a club or two can get left behind after a poor or awesome shot. So, how do you make sure that your man or woman does not leave their clubs on the course.

Get them Monogrammed Golf Club Links, which is an elegant way to personalize their clubs and ensure that they won't be misplaced.

You get 14 monogrammed golf club links which include name and phone number, so once found they can be returned.

Perfect for anyone who loves golf.

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