Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stock Gifts Make Great 1st Birthday, Graduation and Investment Teach Gifts

Looking for a unique and educational gift? Then consider giving a Share of Stock.

And with upcoming changes this gift will become more interesting as time goes on as Stock Certificates are being phased out by many major corporations. Wrigley's, Trump and others are saying goodbye to stock certificates and moving to digital records to save money.

So not only is your gift unique, it is becoing history and maybe a collectors item too!

Why give Stock as a gift?
Well stocks are part of the American fabric and they also tell a story about investing and building wealth. While stocks go up and down in value, it is interesting to share what a stock is and if they get a dividend earn money. What child wouldn't like getting a check every 3 months.
Teach your child how to invest with 1 Share!

A share of stock is a great 1st Birthday gift as the value of a company is likley to grow over the year. (Hopefully at least) And when they get older they can sometimes be amazed that a stock bought when they were 1 could be worth 2, 5, 10 or many times it's original value.

If the company pays a dividend they may now have 2, 3 or more shares of stock after 10 or 15 years.

Buying Stock is also a great Graduation gift too. It is a great way to say, plan for your future, invest and good luck. It is also a gift that allows you to talk about stocks, 401K's and saving in general.

In these tough times, education on saving and investing is important for everyone.

Why some stocks are being discontinued some still remain, here is a list of the top selling Stock as Gifts this year.

1. Disney
2. Harley Davidson
3. Ford
Check One Share for Purchasing other Top Ten Stocks
4. Dreamworks Animation
5. Tiffany &Co.

Learn more about giving Stock Certificates as Gifts

Giving a Certificate of Stock is a unique and financial investment that the recipient will learn to appreciate over time. Think you can help them build their financial empire buy giving them a share of stock today!

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