Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mock Rocks - Unique Gift to Cover Landscape Eyesores

I was reviewing gifts on the other day and ran across Mock Rocks.

Yes, Mock Rocks! You know the artificial rocks that you add to your landscape to cover up ugly pipes or un-natural items you can't get ride of.

These mock rocks cover up the eyesore with what looks like a rock. While some of these look like a nice rock the giaint one looks like an artificial gray mound to me.

However, I know that my mom would enjoy a cluster of these mock rocks to cover several items around the yard.

I think the Address Plaque Mock Rocks and small to medium sized rocks look like great gifts and would work for anyone who is frustrated with difficult yard eyesores.

I would nix the oversized Mock Rock as a gift, it just appears to big and odd looking. I would recommend adding bushes around an eyesore that big.

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