Thursday, November 29, 2007

Warm Holiday Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Speaking of practical gifts, what can be more practical than PJ's and robes to keep the women in your life warm. :)

Warm snuggly pajamas from PajamaGram
Our Cold Weather Favorites
- Snuggle Fleece Pajamas
- Flurry Flannel Pajamas with Snowflakes
- Flakey PJ's with a very cute top
- Sweet Snowflake Thermals :)
- Sweet Rose Flannel Pajamas
PajamaGram has Robes too!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gifts, Don't Waste Your Money

Don't waste your money on unwanted or junk gifts.

Yes - there are out there and with $3 a gallon gas and rising mortgage payments, the idea of throw away gifts seems a little crazy.

So how do you make sure that your gift doesn't fall into the the re-gift, never used or donated pile? Well follow the gift check list.

Gifts in Need get Used - They may not be the most glamorous gifts or cause yelling and screaming when opened, but gifts that fill a real need and can help fill or meet a real demand and are remembered.

- You get tips on these type of gifts in daily conversion or just by paying attention. (like - the garbage disposal broke, the dryer is not working, I need something painted, the kids wear clothes that are to small, or the clothes have holes, etc...)
Sometimes these gifts cost money, but sometimes it is the gift of help (2 babysitting coupons, offering to paint a room, help install insulation, cut firewood, fix things, clothing, etc...) that can really touch a person.

Gifts that are Wanted - Sometimes get Used
There are several kinds of wanted gift categories.
Wanted because of need.
Wanted because of existing enjoyment (hobby, interest, sport)
Wanted because of popularity / cool factor

- Wanted by need is a an item that is needed and tends to make life easier. Examples would include hair dryer, new clothes, tools, kitchen accessories, electric blankets.
These type of gifts often get used in daily life.

- Wanted buy enjoyment something that makes a hobby, sport or interest better. Sports equipment, books, coins, baseball cards, toys, games, etc...
These types of gifts get used of referenced today and months and years later

- Wanted by popularity / cool factor; These are the it gifts iPods, tech toys, branded clothing, Wii's, the they are getting it and I want it too.
These are hit and miss gifts some stay in favor for years like the iPod, Wii's but others can quickly be placed on the back shelf. This tends to happen most with 12 - 20 year olds who tend to be most influenced by social trends.
Sometimes gift cards are best for this type of gift as you can't get the wrong one if they choose it.

Gifts based on I think they might like it.
Welcome to ebay gifts and future re-gifting land. This tends to happen when you don't know the person your buying for and needed to buy a gift.
I saw some of these gifts in circulars this past Sunday Hmmmm...

Let's see - Chatter Pillows $15 - Fun for ummm... (not fun)
Beer Bucket Gift Set $20 - Save the money and buy a case instead
Power Grill Brush $20 - Get a normal brush it's larger, cheaper and faster
and the list goes on...

The point I am trying to make is you work hard for your money and take the time an extra 30 minutes to an hour and think about your gifts. If you are really stumped ask for a list and if everything on the list is overpriced see if other relatives or friends would want to go together to get that special gift.

Happy Holidays the Gift Guy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cleaning Up Your Man - Skin Care for Men

Why shouldn't men have clean, healthy skin?

Often men ignore proper skin care and years down the road, it takes a toll. Why not consider getting skin care for him or if your are a guy consider investing in yourself.

Yes, proper skin care is an investment in yourself.

Women if your man has never used skin care products, start with a skin care product he currently uses and understands and ADD one other product.
- Shaving Gel is the perfect starter gift (and he will use it)
- Then consider a moisturizer, a cleanser or pre-shave gift

Ladies if your man is in his mid-30's or 40's and has talked to you about wrinkles and looking older but not feeling older then consider.
- Zirh Rejuvenate to reduce those signs of aging
- Scrub Wash to keep the face fresher looking

(Hint don't put these gifts under the tree - keep this gift private as guys get embarrassed about the idea of anti aging)

If you are giving to a 20's something guy or a guy buying skin care for yourself consider getting a cleanser or Zirh Starter Kit. A great way to start taking care of your skin.

Gift Evaluator:
This gift is good for:
Men who already take care of their skin
Guys who take pride in their appearance
Guys whose work puts them in front of people all day long
And guys who told you they want to do something about looking older

This is a poor gift for
Guys who don't go out much
Men that have poor grooming habits

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Manly Man Gift Guide for Guys Who Enjoy Football & Beer

Sunday Morning Men's Gift Guide Breakdown!

Ladies let's be blunt, most men love beer, football, the couch, sports and you.
They also have a life long dream or wish of owning their own bar in some way, shape or form.

Come on you know it is true. While this may be your worst nightmare, what if you could give your guy a sense of having his own bar and help him enjoy life a little bit more.

Hmm hard to resist isn't it, if life was just that easy.
Well, what if you gave a Christmas gift that he will enjoy! Really enjoy.

How about a gift that helps him keep the beer perfectly chilled and a cold one always on tap. Check out these home bar and brew gift ideas for Men who love beer and home bars.

- Kegerators and Keg Refrigerators
- Budweiser, Guinness, and brew related hats & clothing
- Home Bar Accessories - Glasses, Books, Novelties, more

Already Home a Home Bar Consider theses Bar Gifts
- Beer Line Cleaning Kits, Faucet Handles, more
- Bar Signs, Beer Tenders, Bar Tools, Jello Shot Cups, more

Women, whether you get a Budweiser shirt, Pint Glasses or go all out for a keg refrigerator you guy will love these gifts.

Cheers from the Gift Guy!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Well it has been a while since I have posted online and shared my thoughts on products and gift ideas. Hopefully over the new few weeks and months I will been able to help you come up with some great gift ideas and save you money.

What I love about gifts is that sometimes the best ones are free or can be created with minimum cost. However, some items like ipods, jewelry and clothes are great too but they do cost money. They can be great gifts for the right person.

Basically, I will use my 15 years of retail, marketing and customer service experience to help you be a better gift giver! Happy Holidays!