Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cleaning Up Your Man - Skin Care for Men

Why shouldn't men have clean, healthy skin?

Often men ignore proper skin care and years down the road, it takes a toll. Why not consider getting skin care for him or if your are a guy consider investing in yourself.

Yes, proper skin care is an investment in yourself.

Women if your man has never used skin care products, start with a skin care product he currently uses and understands and ADD one other product.
- Shaving Gel is the perfect starter gift (and he will use it)
- Then consider a moisturizer, a cleanser or pre-shave gift

Ladies if your man is in his mid-30's or 40's and has talked to you about wrinkles and looking older but not feeling older then consider.
- Zirh Rejuvenate to reduce those signs of aging
- Scrub Wash to keep the face fresher looking

(Hint don't put these gifts under the tree - keep this gift private as guys get embarrassed about the idea of anti aging)

If you are giving to a 20's something guy or a guy buying skin care for yourself consider getting a cleanser or Zirh Starter Kit. A great way to start taking care of your skin.

Gift Evaluator:
This gift is good for:
Men who already take care of their skin
Guys who take pride in their appearance
Guys whose work puts them in front of people all day long
And guys who told you they want to do something about looking older

This is a poor gift for
Guys who don't go out much
Men that have poor grooming habits

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