Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny Halloween Costumes that Mkae Us Smile

Earlier this week I blogged about Halloween costumes that I found scary, that aren’t meant to be scary. Today I am reviewing Funny Halloween costumes. These costumes are sure to bring a smile to those guests who enjoy a good laugh.

Fart-O-Meter AdultFart-O-Meter
Yes it helps to be a guy to enjoy this costume but just think of all the fun you could have walking behind certain friends and family. Watch out if you are around strangers, they might take the Fart-O-Meter costume the wrong way.

Beer Man Adult CostumeBeer Man
What football, sports or steak and potatoes guy won’t love the Beer Man costume, a simple concept for a Superhero that packs a thirst quenching punch. The only down side to this costume is that friends might insist that Beer Man get them beers all night long.

Lost Puppy AdultLost Puppy Costume
The first time guests see this costume they might ask, What? Then once you ask it you have seen her lost puppy they might just get a chuckle or send PETA to your house. This is a fun idea can be used for other costumes to: Lost Cat or Kitty, Lost Bird or add your own barnyard animal.

The Illusion Bull Rider AdultBull Rider Costume
The first time I saw these types of costumes I was impressed and I still am. The Bull Rider costume is fun and can be a conversation starter because it is so creative. (Even though you bought it online!)

We hope these Halloween costumes brought a smile to your face too. Visit out our site for more Halloween fun.

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