Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scary Halloween Costumes that aren't Meant to be Scary

Halloween may not be a gift giving holiday, but we enjoy reviewing Halloween items and costumes, so much so that we will do a blog series on Halloween costumes.

We decided to start with Scary Halloween Costumes that aren't meant to be Scary. You may agree or disagree but we found these costumes to be a little chilling.

Burger King Deluxe Adult CostumeThe Burger King
The Burger King mascot used to be a fun loving guy, now the Burger King mascot shows up in bed, in living rooms to steal glasses and taunts people. I can see Ronald, Wendy and the Colonel being taken out in some bad horror flick by this guy.

Giggles The Clown Adult CostumeGiggles the Clown
While I have never been a big fan of clowns, Giggles just gives me the creeps. Maybe its the distracting dots or the orange hair but my gut says stay away from the evil clown.

Aloha Gorilla AdultAloha Gorilla Costume
Sounds like fun, combine a happy gorilla with a hula outfit and you have a fun costume. However, all I could see was an angry gorilla that was forced to wear an outfit that angered him or her and and now the gorilla wants to rip my head off and use it for a trophy.

Cry Baby Adult CostumeCry Baby
Oh, a cut little baby crying. If the idea of an oversized diaper, a bottle and a baby doesn't scare you it should. This is a scary costume that reminds me that the nursing home is 2 miles away and I will be in one in 35 years.

Operation AdultOperation Game Costume
The Game Operation was always a blast. Remove a body part and if you hit the side it buzzed and you lost your turn. Now that great game is a Halloween costumes that looks like a surgical map! Hmm, place knife here and turn; sounds like a perfect Halloween costume after all.

More Halloween Costumes blogs to come
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