Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bleeding Skulls, Haunted Photos and other Indoor Halloween Decorations

Continuing with our Halloween decoration series we wanted to feature some indoor Halloween decorations that should add an extra touch of fun or horror to your Halloween party.

Battery operated Bleeding Skull Fountain Bleeding Skull Fountain
This tragic skull is perfect next to finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers or near the ice. This skull is sure to encourage a hearty appetite for all as blood oozes from it's eyes. If this skull is not active enough, they also have a spinning eyeball skull fountain too.

Gortrait-Master Damien D'MonHaunting Portrait
Walk by one way and it is a classic family portrait taken in the early 1900's, walk by the other way and it is a haunting image of the evil Master Damien D'Mon. This is one of several changing photo images. A fun decoration that catches guests off guard.

Talking Light-Up Pirate Head Talking Pirate Skull
It's bad enough that the pirate skull is scary, whats worse is that it talks and insults your guests. Like: "Awww, You're such a ought to be buried! arrrrgh!" Fun entertainment for kids parties, trick or treaters, and office events.

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with SoundBloody Chainsaw
Want to make a scene at your Halloween party then stage a few screams and have someone with a mask carrying this bloody chainsaw. Really want to scare your 10-12 yr olds then tell some scary stories and while in mid-story have someone jump out with this. (Be ready to clean up after this though.)

These indoor Halloween decorations should add a little fun to your Halloween party or activities. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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