Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The other day we featured life sized Halloween decorations that were perfect for big time scares. We also found some great outdoor Halloween decorations that add intrigue and maybe even a smile to the outdoors.

Corpse Solar Light Out of the Ground Solar Corpse
Yes, now you can be eco-friendly and scare neighborhood kids with this ghoul who carries a lantern that is charged by sunlight and later on emits and ghastly glow. Fun and interesting.

4' Airblown Black Cat Airblown Black Cat
This oversized black cat is ready to pounce so watch out. This outdoor Halloween decoration is a fun and colorful decoration that says - Halloween is fun and not always scary. There is also an animated version of this cat too.

Rocking BatRocking Bat
Add 1, 2, or 3 of this rocking bats to your porch and guests and trick or treaters might think twice before knocking on your door. You might hear "I thought it was real" from young and old alike.

Out Of Ground TorsoCrawling Out of the Ground Zombie
If you don't have a need for lights then this Zombie reaching for freedom might just be the perfect Halloween decoration. Finally after years of darkness this zombie has made it to the surface in your front yard and is ready to begin his feast.

We hope these outdoor Halloween decorations inspire you to make your own creative Halloween display. Click here for more Halloween decorations.

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