Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes that Make You Go Hmmmm

I have been reviewing a lot of Halloween costumes over the last few weeks and I have got to say that every once in a while I wonder; Who would wear that and why?

Several of these costumes sell well at Halloween but I am puzzled by their appeal. Speaking of appeal, that leads right into the first costume.

Banana Deluxe Adult CostumeA Giant Banana
What makes the Banana Costume a big seller? Hey, I’m the Big Banana or maybe you are party of the Fruit of the Loom Group or you are going to your Halloween party with a giant gorilla. Well, the good news is that if you are wearing a banana you are much less likely to slip on one.

Taco Adult CostumeTaco
I was puzzled before but I am even more confused by the desire to be a oversized Taco. I think it might make more sense if you had that little dog with you, but how can you see a dog if you are a large Taco, you can't even see your feet. Plus, this is not a good costume at a party where people are hungry.

Cell Phone AdultCell Phone Costume
This costume says, I wear this at work and for play. Well, no one will think you work for Apple dressing as cell phone and I am not sure many people will be after your number in such a get up. However, if you could show real-time messages on a screen, like a text message then that could be interesting.

Woopie Cushion Adult CostumeWoopie Cushion
A few days ago I included the Fart-O-Meter on my funny costume list and now I am listing the Woopie Cushion on my why list. Really, you want to wear something that looks like a water bottle and makes no noise. If this costume had sound effects it would be somewhat entertaining.

Rat Trap Adult CostumeRat Trap
Rats are scary, Traps are scary, but a rat caught in a trap not so scary and in fact a little insulting. A zombie rat would be interesting. While this could be humorous for an exterminator I just get it. Now if it was a gummie bear in a bear trap, that would be a sweet conversation piece.

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