Friday, November 20, 2009

For Kids Holiday Magic Do I Choose a Letter from Santa or Elf on the Shelf?

I love Christmas and the spirit in the air, a positive energy that seems to take over and joy and excitement children have about the holiday.

Which brings me to today's blog which is more magical for kids during the Holiday season a personalized letter from Santa or the Story of the Elf on a Shelf?

I have seen various letter from Santa sites and some are just letters but others add unique extras that include items from Mrs. Claus and even the reindeer. Check out these various Letter from Santa options I found.

They seem like fun and I know I would have enjoy getting a letter growing up, but after learning about The Elf on the Shelf story whether the Elf idea might be more fun.

The basic concept is that Santa has sent an elf to report back to Santa and each night the elf moves from one location to another in your house and the kids need to wake up and find the elf each morning.

I read the reviews and feedback and it does sound like it is a hit with children at Christmas time.

So which do you think would provide more Holiday Magic - a Letter from Santa or The Elf on the Shelf?

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