Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Synchronize Outdoor Christmas Lights with Holiday Songs

You've seen the Youtube videos where guys set up their outdoor Christmas lights to light up according to the beats of the holiday music.

Well what if you could do that without much effort? Pretty cool huh, my thoughts exactly. I don't have time to mix music and try to figure out how it all works.

While stumbling across this I read that one guy got more creative and figured out how to get the music to play in peoples cars as they passed by using an iPod converter.

We found this at Amazon for $90 - $120 and maybe less at Ebay.

The Christmas Carol Sound and Light Show on Ebay
Prices are coming in under $90 for current auctions!
- Auctions this week should offer good value but in a week they will go up.
- Ebay Buy it Now prices are running $90 - $100 and some include Free shipping.

So if you like the idea of mixing your Christmas lights with music, then check out both sites for the best price and get ready for an entertaining Christmas!

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