Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Reasons You Need Christmas Gift List This Year

Do you get the gifts you want for Christmas?
Do you spend December 26th returning gifts?
Do want to make Christmas less hassle free?

Well it’s simple give loved ones a Christmas list!

Millions of kids do it each year and here are 5 Reason Adults Need to Create a Christmas List too.

1. You Get What You Want
Say you “Love It!” and mean it. Your odds of getting the exact item you want by sharing a list increases significantly. Plus you won’t have to waste time going to the mall to return gifts.

2. Save Money, Save Money, Save Money
A Christmas list in advance of Black Friday and other big holiday shopping weekends makes it easy for Gift Givers to shop and Save. It’s a lot easier to find a coupon or sale on an exact item, when they know what it is. Last year I was able to find a popular electronics item at 60% off on Black Friday, but only because I was looking for that exact gift! I have yet to see a better price for that item since, so I know I got a great deal. Start here to find deals Amazon, Ebay, Coupon Codes.

3. Reduce Christmas Shopping Stress
In today’s tough economy any added stress can ruin the holiday season, so in creating a gift list you are helping others enjoy the holidays more.

4. More Family & Fun Time
Christmas lists make shopping more efficient. Once gift givers have the list them can find the gifts at Amazon, Ebay or head to the mall with a purpose and then get the gift and go. This means you’ll have more time to share with friends, family and your kids.

5. Removes Gift Card Anxiety
Over the past year many well known retailers and restaurants went out of business, those who had given gift cards from those businesses were left with little or nothing. If you give a gift list of things you need then you won’t have to worry about it and neither will the gift giver.
So go on create your Christmas gift list, you and your loved ones will be glad you did!

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