Monday, December 14, 2009

Lowest Price on The Entertainment Book the Money Saving Coupon Book

I love the Entertainment Book as few items pay you book like this book!

Using the 2009 Coupon Book, I saved
$35 on movies
$25 on theme parks
$85 on nice restaurants
About $60 on fast food places
And money on bowling, miniature golf, local and national retailers, and hotels too!

Plus I gave coupons to friends so they could save too.
I would say, I saved over $250 by spending $25 last year to buy the book.
I thought that was a great deal and Now it is even better - so good that I ordered 2 books last week.

Now The 2010 Entertainment Book is on sale.
Get the 2010 Entertainment Book!

For people who go to restaurants, go to the movies, travel, shop, eat at sub shops and restaurants and like to save money this is really a gift that saves money on things you are going to do anyways.

Seriously, this is a great gift that has always saved me more than the book costs and how many gifts can say that!

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