Thursday, December 03, 2009

5 Office Gifts that are Fun and Useful

Having an office gift exchange or just want to get something fun for a great co-worker or peer? Well we found a few items that are both fun and useful that won't break your bank.

Bucky Balls
– These desktop magnets can be made into a myriad of shapes, perfect for the co-worker that always has to be doing something.

– Creative dataheads will get a kick out of out Mimobots, colorful and themed flashdrives. Variety of styles and characters.

Cordless Charger
– For the office guy who is never in the office, a cordless charger can keep him in touch even when he is out of the office. Check out more cell phone accessories.

Rhinestone Mug
– She’s special, fun and loves coffee, then this personalized rhinestone mug should be a big hit. Colorful, bold and ready for coffee.

Headphonies – Headphonies are portable designer mini speakers that are compatible with all iPod variations, and will also work with other MP3 and CD players, as well as computers, handheld video games and even certain cell phones.

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