Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Number 1 Selling Halloween Costumes is...

Quick Halloween Costume Update:

So what is the Number 1 selling Halloween costume so far for 2009?
Well lets just say the competition can't Beat It!

That's Right - Michael Jackson is No. 1 Again and this time it is for Halloween costumes. And it's just not one style of Michael Jackson costume that is selling, but several styles including
Michael Jackson - Beat It Jacket Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson (Billie Jean Costume) Adult
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Michael Jackson (Bad) Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Bad

Michael Jackson Thriller Adult Costume
Michael Jackson - Thriller

While Michael leads the pack in individual costumes sales, there is a huge interest in one particular costume category.

Sales of Vampire costumes have really surged with the popularity of Twilight, True Blood and other vampire shows and movies. The best part is that both men and women can be vampires and you can add accent piece to a basic vampire costume to make it personalized.

Those are the big trends, but other top themes and costumes include Transformers, GI Joe and Harry Potter for boys. Disney Princess, Disney Fairies and Witches for girls.

The last big theme we are seeing is Zombies, this trend is stemming from Thriller, and Zombieland. Expect to see groups of zombies together and if the right song is played they might just break out into a dance routine.

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