Wednesday, December 03, 2008

5 Reasons Why Adults Need to Create a Christmas Gift List Today

When I was a kid, I always created a gift list for Santa; hot wheels, books, models, etc… the fun stuff. And a funny thing happened; I often got a few things on my Christmas list.

Now with tough economic times, it makes sense that adults and kids create a Christmas gift list this year and here is why:

1. Get Gifts You Want and Need
There is no reason to return gifts, make a simple Christmas list and get what you want or need. Practical gifts are in and wasteful gifts are out. So let them know what you will use.

2. Shopping Stress
By providing a Christmas List, you take the stress out of holiday shopping. Make life easy and fun give them the item (the more exact the better), size if clothes and if this item hard to find give them a nudge where it can be found; Amazon, Ebay or the store just down the street.

3. They Can Get You More For Less with Coupons and Holiday Specials
When you create you wish list, others can look for even greater savings with online and offline coupons. I was able to do this last week and found a popular electronics item on sale, Reg. $149 on day sale $59! Now I can use the extra money to get a bonus gift or two! Here is a list of Holiday Coupons.

4. Less Time Wasted, More Time for Family & Fun
Less than 25% of Holiday shoppers know what they are out to buy! This means you are likely to waste time, gas and miss out on other holiday events while they wonder around a mall. So a simple Christmas list means you can be out finding a tree, decorating the house, working in your workshop or making cookies.

5. No Fear of Company Going Out of Business
Yes, we love gift cards but what happens if that store or restaurant goes out of business. Sharper Image and Bennigan's were to well respected companies to close very quickly and leave gift card holders empty handed. So be careful when buying them, they could become worthless if you don’t use them and the companies go out of business.

So don’t waste anymore time, create your Christmas gift list today and when you open up your presents on Christmas Day, you’ll be happy that you don’t have to return any!

Happy Holidays
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