Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Office Gift Ever! How this Gift Could Be Worth $100, $500 or $1,000 per Employee

Would your co-workers, employees or business partners enjoy keeping an extra $100, $500 or $1,000 over the next year? Of course they would.

And what if they could get more out of a weekend, try new things and save money too? Sounds almost to good to be true, doesn’t it.

And the Best of all, what if you could purchase this gift for less than face value, get free shipping and save more when you buy more?

It sounds like the perfect gift right, maybe because it is the best office gift I can think of. The only one that is sure to save them money for months to come.

The Entertainment Book is the coupon book that keeps giving and giving. They offer coupon books throughout the country, but he is a sample of what they offer in Orlando.

Fine Restaurants – Many offer a free entrée when one is purchased
Casual and Fast Food like Baja Burrito Kitchen, Local Pizza Shops, McD’s, Sonic, Blimpie, Bear Rock Café and many more offer buy one get one discounts and promotions.

Plus you can save on Ice Cream, Smoothies, Miniature Golf, Movie Tickets, Area Attractions, Go karts and more.

And you can also saving on hotels and car rentals around the country when they travel; the best part about the money saving Entertainment Book is that you can save in so money ways.

Just when you thought that was enough, there is more. Coupons and discounts from national retailers, online stores, local grocery stores, oil changes, tanning, dry cleaning and more.

As you can see there many ways to save with the Entertainment Book, however they can’t save anything if they never receive it.

So take a few minutes and order one for each member of your team and order one for yourself and give a gift that will help them save money and get more out of life.

Happy Savings
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