Friday, December 05, 2008

Personalized Name Art Gift for Your Creative Friends

Do you know a couple that have that Pottery Barn home, where everything fits together just perfect and you have been thinking what can I get them for a Christmas gift?

Well while researching another project I found a great gift for them
And it also makes a great wedding gift or anniversary gift or just a special gift for yourself.

Well what is the great gift, well have you ever gone on a walk and looked at something and said that looks like an A, H or S.

This company have taken images in nature and in our world that reflect letters and then them together to spell whatever you want. It's Personalized Name Art. (sample below)

Seriously, imagine a family name in the entryway or over the fireplace. What is so intriguing about this gift is that you don't just look at it once it remains interest time and time again as the owner and guests spot something new.

I have seen these type of items at art shows and now I found it online and I think it is just great.
Take a look at their web site where you can create your own Personalized Name Art.

Happy Holidays
The Gift Guy
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