Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Gift Exchange Gifts Ever - Well They Are Sure to be Remembered Next Year

Bring the gift exchange gift that will be the talk of the office and remembered for years to come. Why bring another ho-hum gift exchange gift like a gift card, bottle of wine or candle when you can bring something odd, unique and maybe even sought after?

We found some crazy gifts that inspire humor and will make the office manager wonder if you should ever have another Holiday gift exchange.

Holiday Gift Exchange Gifts Under $10

The Pooping Sheep Candy Dispenser is a classic mix of novel fun and innovation. Who wouldn't want this lovely sheep.

And not to be outdone there is also a Pooping Santa Candy Dispenser plus other animals that share in the joy of candy dispensing.

Best Move Up the Corporate Ladder Christmas Gift
Want to create office chaos? Well give Fake Lottery Tickets and watch co-workers quit their jobs, yell, scream and dance around, that is of course until they discover they got a whole lot of nothing and you have the corner office and zoomed up the corporate ladder.

Other wonderful Gift Exchange Gifts under $10 include
Office Space Key Chain with 6 classic Office Space phrases
Flying Slingshot Monkey - Hours of fun while on hold

Gift Exchange Gifts Under $20
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Who wouldn't want the tree that represents being alone and then coming together. And in tough times it's the perfect tree to give or receive.

And it comes with 1 ornament.

Classic Christmas Bobble Heads from Year Without a Santa Claus. Perfert in these recessionary times when well... we aren't sure whether there will be a Christmas.

Best Gift to Encourage future Gift Exchanges be Cancelled
Caroling Reindeer Antlers – Who isn’t going to be pissed off by getting this a Christmas gift. Well hope that they have kids under the age of six.

Best Gift Exchange Gift for the Macho Male Office
Perfect for the politically incorrect office, where the men will fight tooth and nail to get the Naughty Flashing Santa, this Santa is so naughty that we can't even show him to you. Well, not that naughty!!!

To Much Christmas this Year?
Well everyone will know how you feel with this Grumpy Talking Snowman, come on how upbeat can you be when you are melting.

Boost Spirits for 2009
Well 2008, well stunk, so start 2009 by forgetting last year with the 12 Christmas Shots Wreath. For many office parties this gift will be in use before the gift exchange is even over.

And for Gift Exchanges up to $50, we present the...
What the heck is it gift!
Yes, It's the lovely Desktop Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. It's sure to make any office seem more French and attention grabbing.

Perfect gift for those who enjoy good times and a good laugh.

Here is to making you the King or Queen of the Year's Gift Exchange!

Happy Holidays - The Gift Guy
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