Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Irish Costumes for Parades & Bartenders to Show and Earn Extra Green on St. Patricks Day

Ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and need a great costume or novelty items?

What if you are in a parade you might need a great cotume for the event, so check out these Leapracon costumes and great outfits for men and women.

You will also find great stockings, accessories and sprakling green shoes too.

Bartenders, looking for a way to bring in much needed cash this weekend? Wear a fun Irish hat, get an supply of Irish beads or wear a sweet Irish button and encourage those out celebrating to increase the tip with every drink.

Check out these great items, plus you'll find even more Irish gifts and St. Patrick's Day celebration item here. Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

The Gift Guy