Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gift Idea Center - New Gifts, More Coupons, more changes

Well 2008 has brought many changes as Gift Idea Center is slowly being transformed in the first stage of a major redesign and further improvement to come.

Weddings, Baby Shower, Baby Gifts, Halloween, Christmas, Men, Womens and Coupons (which are very important this time of year) pages have been revised. This is a long process where we have tried to improve the suggestions and items you find here so you get more unique gift ideas.

The next sections to be revised are Teens, Mom & Dad and Grandparents Gifts.

Money Saving Coupons - Now rather than listing all the coupons on one page we place relevant coupons on the main pages of the site. This allows us to feature the best offers and then if you choose you can view all available coupons we have on one page. This also allows us to show you stores that offer more than 1 coupon, which can help you decide whether you want 10% off or Free Shipping.

More changes are coming as Gift Idea Center continues to be revised you'll see more pages, better search features and more shopping partners which will help you find ways to save money in more ways.

I how you enjoy our changes and continue to enjoy the