Friday, November 28, 2008

Warm her Heart With Personalized Gifts

Guys, you want a gift that will be remembered for years well then consider a personalized gift.

Dad's are you paying attention... seriously you can get the entire family involve for a great gift and hopefully in Christmas day she won't shed to many tears.

One if you do it yourself great, create a decorated frame and add a photo of the family. Be creative and if you have kids try to get hand prints on the item, because they save a moment in time. Believe me few things bring back the memories of kids than realizing how small their hands were and how they never took a step without holding yours.

Ok, so your not the creative type but still want a cool personalized gift well, you are in luck. Check out some of these sweet gifts.
Personalized Photo Puzzle
Turn her favorite photo of you together, the kids or her favorite sunset into a fun personalized puzzle. If you are really creative and romantic take a photo of tickets to Hawaii or a romantic getaway or Ask Her To Marry written on a piece of paper, then take the photo and turn it into a puzzle. Runs $20 and up.

Personalized Throw Another amazing gift is the personalized photo throw. This gift can be tricky because, do you want a giant throw of someones head? We it depends, so for this gift consider pets, family photos or what we like landscape photos to places you love or have meaning to you.

Personalized Santa Snow GlobeLooking for something a little more you well there are personalized ornaments, jewelry, snow globes, mugs, stepping stones, figurines, frames and much more. At this store you will find over hundreds of personlized gifts for her and once again we can save you money.

What is great about this is you can choose the offer that saves you the most money. The 2008 Coupons have expired.
Check out these current Personalized Gift Coupon Codes now.

Guys, Dad and Sons make this years Christmas gift the one she never forgets.

Happy Holidays
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