Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lovopoly - The Personalized Valentine's Gift of Monopolizing Love

Plan ahead and order Lovopoly for Valentine's Day.

You can't wait forever to order this game as they need your names, photos and events that are special to both of you. The good news is there is still time to order in time for Valentine's Day delivery. And we asked the online helper to confirm we to order by and she noted we need to order by 2/7, I would recommend to order by 2/4 just to be safe.

My thoughts if you want Lovopoly order today and know that you need enter 3 images, plus events. This games involves some thought, but remember you are getting your own personalized board game.

Lovopoly mixes your photos and the tradition of love with the classic board game Monopoly. The idea of racing around the board to collect properties / squares and make your loved one pay for it; sounds... well kind of hmmm fun!

We like Lovopoly and say if you play games that this would be a surprise and fun to play with your partner. However, visiting guests may want to play Cranium instead on game night.

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