Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine Teddy Bears Move Over There Are Some New Animals in Town

Valentine's Day is flowers, chocolates and teddy bears, well that is until some other popular plush animals moved into the neighborhood.

This year you will see the usual Valentine Teddy bear but get ready to see other adorable animals with your chocolates and hearts.

Valentine Webkinz are cute and adorable and not only will they bring a smile to your loved one face, but they also live in an online world. Kids can adopt their Webkinz via a secret code that comes with your stuffed animal.

Webkinz are sure to be a Valentine favorite with kids and cyber gals!

Skemanimal Valentine PlushAnother group of unique stuffed animals making the rounds this Valentine's Day are Skelanimals. These cute animals show their bones on the outside rather than in. They continue to grow in popularity and they are kind of the rebels stuff animal.

The other stuffed animal theat is taking Valentine's Day by storm is Domo Kun, yes Domo Kun. What type of animal is Domo Kun? Well we are not quite sure, but we can tell you that Domo likes meat and potato stew, dislikes apples and lives in an underground cave.

While there is more to Domo Kun story, we just like Domo. Cute, Fun and Pink for Valentine's Day.

This year enjoy a teddy bear alternative, we think you'll be glad you did.

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