Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Things Remembered - Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts Reviewed

Things Remembered came out with it's Top 10 Valentine Gifts. While we liked some of the gift ideas, we found others just didn't cut it this year.

1. Crystal Heart Bracelet
Sweet, cute and women will wear and enjoy it.

2. Leather Money Gifts
We are money clip fans, so this goes on our good gift list.

3. CZ Swing Necklace
Nice, simple, classy and sweet. Thumbs ups.

4. Urban Double Dog Tags
Unique, but just now what we would expect for Valentine's Day.

5. Love Water Globe
Great for daughters but too bubble gum for the woman you love.

6. Black Leather Flask
A great groomsman's gift, but for V-Day we say, thumbs down.

7. Love Float Frame & 8. Crystal Love Frame
Sweet, classic and add a sweet photo.

9. Memento Pocket Watch
Unless he wants one, pass.

10. In My Heart Pink Bracelet
A gift we found right for a daughter but not your wife.

Overall their Top 10 Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts were good, but you know what is even better?

The Gift Guy.