Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Flowers - What Does Fresh from the Grower Mean?

Valentine's Day is one of the biggest flower shipping days of the year and many people often wait unitl the last minute to place their Valentine roses or flowers.

When you order your Valentine flowers you might notice two options:
1. Deliveried from the florist
2. Fresh from the Grower

This can be a bit confusing for the person who wants to just order flowers. Here is what to expect from these options.

Valentine's Flowers From the Florist
This means someone is going to arrange the flowers near you location and deliver them all set up and ready to be displayed. This is what you want for an office or a delivery to a loved one.

Valentine's Flowers Direct from the Grower
In most cases, these flowers and roses are cut, prepped and vacuum packed at the growers location and shipped. The benefit is that they tend to be a little fresher and last longer than flowers from the florist.

The down side of Direct from the Grower Valentine's Day Roses or floral arrangements is that the person receiving them need to unpack them and set them up. may not be the best way to go for an office delivery.

However, these tend to be priced less than florist flowers and if you plan on delivering the flowers in person - this is a great way to purchase flowers! Send them to yourself, set them up in a nice vase and hand deliver to your sweetheart.

Now you can order flowers knowing that what type of Valentine's Day Roses or Flowers you need to order to make sure your sweetheart is swept off their feet.

The Gift Guy
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