Wednesday, August 08, 2012

5 Back to School Items Sure to Cause Alarm

Back to School is an annual passage and with every new school year comes a rash of items that raises eyebrows, this year is no exception as we feature 5 Alarming Back to School Items.

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler1. Human Organ Transplant Lunch Box
To what extend will people go to protect their lunch. Well the Human Organ Lunch Box is sure to raise red flags and either avoidance or interest.

We recommend making sure that you place raw liver on ice the first day you use this lunch box just to make sure lunch thieves get the message.

Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies2. Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies
We know it's hard to stay awake through History, Chemistry, English and any subject where the lights go off to watch videos, but sending your kids to school with caffeinated brownies and cookies is just wrong. Not only will this send your honor roll student bouncing off the walls, it could also stunt their growth.

Products then involve caffeine should only be available in the teacher's lounge or safely in an office drawer.

Rubber Bandit Rubber Band Shooting Pen3. Rubber Bandit - A Sure Way to the Principal's Office
When the teacher turns their back, who knows what evil lurks or their shoulder? Spitball, phone checking and rubber band shooting, well for those competitive kids that aim to raise the bar every school year, the Rubber Bandit Rubber Band Shooting Pen is your ticket straight to the Principal's Office.

Classmates seen with such evil are sure to be cause for alarm and enemy against education.

Spikepak Backpack4. Spikepak Backpack
Want to identify the kid that is going to be the first kid in class to get a tattoo or multiple body piercings, well look for the kid with the Spikepak Backpack as it is a sign of rage within.

While not only poking peoples eyes out as they walk down the hall this backpack looks like a weapon and is sure to be owned by a rebel. Parents stay vigilant and don't let backpacks like this make it into your school.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
5. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
Cause for Alarm, well it will be if this alarm clock with 113 decibels doesn't wake up your slumbering teen. No worries there is a back up, the bed shaker will rattle their bones to help them wake.

While this alarm clock appears to be extreme, getting up and getting to school on time is much, much, much more important than their forever slumber.

We find exception with many of these items and find many of them Alarming and Anti-Education, but our efforts to keep school safe and focused on education will continue.

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