Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Overlooked Dorm Items, You Don't Know You Need But You'll Want

It was only a year ago that I packed my belonging and moved into a dorm as a freshman at George Washington University. I can tell you, it was an overwhelming experience at times.

One thing I quickly learned was that just purchasing and packing for dorm life is an education all on its own; but to make the process a little easier.

 Here are my 5 Most Overlooked Dorm Items You'll Want for College

1. Ear Plugs

     After my first two weeks at school, it was apparent that not all the students living in my dorm valued sleep as much as I did. Ear plugs are cheap and one of the best purchases I made all semester! They helped to block out commotion late at night that would keep me awake and usually fell out by morning to make sure I didn’t miss my alarm.

2. Power Strips or Approved Extension Cords
     With four girls living in one dorm room, power strips were a must! Between laptops, phone chargers, lamps, alarm clocks or speakers, hair dryers, a television, fridge, and microwave there were barely enough plugs to go around. Also, with the arrangement of furniture, outlets weren’t always easily accessible. It can be a hassle to constantly unplug and replug you devices, so make life easier by stocking up on a few power strips with long cords. Shop AmazonWalmart, Target for power strips.

3. Thin Hangers
     This may seem self explanatory, but if it hadn’t been for the box of hangers my Aunt bought me I wouldn’t have even thought about how I was going to hang up all my clothes. Thin hangers were a must because the thinner the hanger the more clothes you could store in a small space. The little attachments that make hangers stackable are a good idea too.

4. Chair Cushion
     Lets face it, the furniture that schools purchase for dorms are not bought based on their comfort levels. This goes for desk chairs as well, even the ones that look like they have a cushion are hard as a rock after half an hour! Not only did this affect where I wanted to study, but I noticed that I was experiencing a stiff back and neck after sitting at my desk for an hour or two. A simple chair cushion, like the ones you can buy at Walmart or Target for outdoor furniture was the perfect solution and made late night cram sessions a little less stressful. Shop Amazon, Walmart, Target for chair cushions.

5. Cleaning Supplies
     At home there was always a Swiffer or vacuum readily available. That was not the case at school. My roommates and I had to make a target run to buy a Swiffer after we made a mess!

To make life cleaner stock up on some cleaning basics like Clorox wipes, paper towels, a Swiffer, or a cheap vacuum before you head to school, but remember space is limited so kep that in mind if you buy a vacuum.  This especially important if you have your own bathroom to clean. No one wants to shower in a dirty bathroom.

The good news is that many of these items can be borrowed from home or purchased for under $20 and they will make a difference on starting your dorm life and enjoying it more.

A Special Thanks to our guest blogger
Bekah Troutman of George Washington University

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