Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Better Ways to Spend One Dollar

I read this article 10 Smart Ways to Spend One Dollar by Madeline Scinto and had to blog because I thought it was just terrible.

So I wondered if I could come up with 10 Better was to spend one dollar and maybe even discover ways to profit from that $1! A unique challenge indeed, but let us first review her Top 10:

1. Feed a family in India for One Day
2. Prepare a Vegetable Meal - At my farmer's market that would equal 1 green pepper.
3. Get Sweet Threads at a Thrift Store - Not sure what thrift she shops at but $1 won't buy anything nice at my local thrifts maybe $5 or $10 but not $1.
4. Support your Favorite Artist - I guess this refers to iTunes where songs cost $1.29 and older ones .99 cents. LIKE
5. Spring for a Small Gift Like Candy - After she notes candy is a waste of money, she offers the idea of buying it for others.
6. Purchase Wine with a friend and drink away. Hmm, we don't have $2 wine here.
7. Buy a Used Book - I have an idea that is better.
8. Put Air in Your Tires or Vacuum your Car. LIKE
9. Buy an International Calling Card - Only good if you have someone to call far away.
10. Put it in the Bank - in 52 Weeks you'll have $52 dollars, unless bank fees eat it up and then you'll be lucky to have $5 left.

Here are my 10 Better Ways to Spend $1 Dollar
1. Look for a Special on Canned Vegetables, Buy as many as you can for a dollar and give to a food bank.

2. Sell Something on Ebay - A Listing is less than $1 and you can clear your clutter and earn more than a $1 in return.

3. Instead of Buying a Book, Go to the Library and Borrow a Book on Money or Do it Yourself Activities or Crafts. The knowledge will help you save more money in the future and you can donate the $1 to the library.

4. Pick up a Business or Finance App for your Phone that Save you Time or Helps You Stay Organized.

5. Buy a Piece of Seasonal Fruits - Apples, Oranges or other fall fruits taste great and are good for you.

6. Buy 2 Stamps - Write a real letter to family, friends or a niece / nephew. In the world of deleted emails and facebook postings, a real letter is even more special and speaks volumes about your friendship.

7. Make People Laugh - Go to the craft store buy a bag of googly eyes and bring home. Attach to all the items in the fridge or medicine cabinet. I have to say it will look silly, but is good for a laugh. FYI - The eyes don't always stick to cold items. (Not recommend if you have small kids or dogs that eat things that drop on the floor.

8. Hand Sanitizer - It's the time of year for colds, so be prepared for holiday greetings and keep yourself healthy.

9. Buy the Sunday Paper - Ok this might be $1 or $1.50 in some places, but this time of year the coupons and sales information in often can save you much more than the cost of the paper. In my experience, my paper saves me $10 - 20 on things I was going to buy anyways so I actually save money by purchasing it.

10. I'll borrow they 2 ideas I liked from the original post:
Support Artist - Music change your mood in an instant so this is well spent.
Put Air in your Tires - Impacts Milage and Saves money.

Basically, I think my ideas give you a better chance to either increase your chance for Return on Investment on your health, finances, time or goodwill.

Happy Holidays and Happy Spending that $1!

Russ - The Gift Guy
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