Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hot Guys with Baby Animals Calendar Just 1 of 100 Most Ususual Gifts of 2011

Hot Guys with Baby Animals 2012 made our list of Unusual Gifts 2011.

Yes what could be more adorable then 6 pack abs and fuzzy cute little animals in a convenient monthly calendar; well since Hot Guys with Baby Animals has become a yearly calendar I guess nothing.

But who is this gift for teenagers??? Grandma??? Cougars??? or a fun gift for your office co-worker. While we think it is an odd gift, it is quite popular.

The Hot Guys with baby Animals is just one of our 100 Most Unusual Gifts of 2011. Why many of these gifts are a little odd we are sure that they are right for someone. Well almost right for someone, I am not sure that the Hillbilly Briefcase is really good for anything other than a laugh. 

But the Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster might bring joy to your Star Wars fanatic and actually make him or her look forward to breakfast each morning.

And the Refrigerator Pets might be something a Hello Kitty fan or might enjoy or be a helpful reminder to kids to close the fridge door.

At Gift Idea Center, we feel their is a gift recipient for almost every gift and sometimes the most unusual Christmas gifts turn out to be the most useful and enjoyed. So be sure to check out our Most Unusual Christmas Gifts of 2011!

Rus J - The Gift Guy
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