Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forever Lazy inspired by Teletubbies?

While watching TV I ran across the Forever Lazy commercial and noticed people wearing this one piece over-sized jumper that is a mix between a Teletubbie and a Snuggie.

What I loved about the commercial is how these people are so lazy that they wear the Forever Lazy to sleep, out on the deck, to a tailgating party and to the stadium too. Now that is lazy!

After watching a minute or two of the Forever Lazy commercial though I felt I had scene this before and when they showed the vented back so you can easily make a bathroom run, it hit me.

Teletubbies, yes these over-sized blanket garments are just Teletubbie costumes for lazy people.

So now you know what to get the 26 year old man or woman who still lives with their parents.This really is the perfect gift for the laziest person you know!

The real disappointment with Forever Lazy is that the colors are so drab, it would be so much more fun to have bold colors like yellow, lime green and purple to go along with the pink.

We were so inspired by the Forever Lazy that we added it to our list Most Unusual Gifts of 2011, where we put together our favorite unique and odd gifts.

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