Wednesday, December 08, 2010

10 Ideas to Help You Create Your Christmas Gift List

If you are like me you are just realizing that we are almost in the middle of December and I have yet to put together my Christmas List. While I spend hours trying to find great gift ideas for Gift Idea Center, I some how forgot to come up with my own list.

Well, if you are like me and have yet to create your Christmas List for loved ones, I have 10 ways you can come up with your own Christmas list in no time.

Let’s Get Started
Quickly List 3 – 5 answers (or more) for each question.

1. I need the following items for home / apartment?
Tip: Personal care, kitchen, living room, basic necessities…

2. I need the following items for work / school?
Tip: Car care - transportation, computer, briefcase / backpack items, office, books…

3. I need the following items for personal development / health?
Tip: Courses, books, vitamins, fitness items – If not applicable move on.

4. What home / apartment gift would make my live easier?

5. What work gift would make my life easier?

6. List up to 3 items you use most often. Now are there 1 to 3 accessories / upgrades that would improve or increase enjoyment these items.

7. List up to 3 of your favorite hobbies or sports. What gifts would increase the enjoyment of these sports or hobbies list 1 – 3 items.

8. If you need or want clothing complete the following:
My sizes are:
I would enjoy receiving: Knit shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, etc… (List 3 or 4)
My 3 Favorite stores are:
My 3 Favorite brands are:

9. List 3 Reward Gifts

10. List 3 gifts inspired by or that allows you to have fun.

Congratulations, you should now have between 20 to 100 gift ideas.

If you don’t you should have at least several good ideas and maybe you need to take a break and come back in a day and go through the question again. Another idea would be to go to my site Gift Idea Center and look at relevant pages and see if any of the items interest you. Amazon would be another site to visit for ideas.

Once you have your gift ideas, you can fine tune the list and come up with your top 10 or 20 items that you need or would like to receive this Christmas.

When making your final Christmas gift list make sure you include items of various prices and if you have set a price limit make sure all of your gifts fall in the agreed upon price limits.

I hope this Christmas Gift List exercise helps you and your loved ones have a Happy Holiday Season.

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