Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Teen, College and Music Fan Gift - Earphone Hoodies

When my friend starts out with "This is the coolest thing - it's a hoodie with earphones in the drawstrings," I knew I had to blog about this today.

My friend works at Disney and said a co-worker had purchased this Disney hoodie with the build in earphones and it was so cool. While I normally don't look for Disney to be a tech leader, I had to investigate these earphone hoodies further.

FYI - I love the concept, the idea that you can be warm, comfortable, not have to worry about wires and listen to your music sounds awesome and convenient too. College students would love this as they walk to classes and teens would love it because it makes their life easier, heck I would love it just because I hate the wires dangling around getting tangled or caught on something.

Hoodie Buddie - Is the leader in earphone hoodies and we found out the graphic Disney Hoodies were made by them. Hoodie Buddie also has a variety of colorful fashion styles for the ladies and basics for guys. The photo shown is a Hoodie Buddie.

Rusty Wired - Rusty makes surf clothing and offers about a dozen earbud hoodies in solid colors and one or two sporty versions for guys and girls.

InSound - These hoodies and jackets are just for the ladies. The looks are casual, relaxed and young. They only had a few styles I could locate. 

If you know someone that wears hoodies and has an iPod or MP3 player then you might have found your Christmas gift for them. I might just pick one up myself.

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