Friday, December 10, 2010

Surprise Buy More and Pay Less For Gifts!

Christmas is upon us and everyone is looking for a deal and bargain and I am no exception.

But what if I told you that buying more could actually help you pay less for gifts!
Yes, it's true and here is my example to prove it then I will show you ways you can save too!

I received a coupon that if I spent $30 I would save $10.
So there was an gift I needed for my office that was $39.99 and with the coupon would be $29.99. Perfect.
When I got to the store the gift was on sale for $29.99!
Great it's on Sale, but what about the coupon.

Well I went ahead and got a fun little treat for the office for $5 and my total was now $34.99.
Now I could use the coupon for $10 off and now my total was $24.99!

What I love about this was by spending a little more I was able to get the gift I wanted for less but I basically got chocolates for the office for Free.

These type of savings happen all the time if you look for them.
Here are some words of wisdom to when looking for these bargains.

1. Know the exact gift or item you are shopping for or want.
- Don't impulse shop because then you will spend up to get the bargain

2. Determine the Cost of that purchase - $24, $69, $96 etc...
And find out the shipping costs for your purchase.

3. See if there are any Free Shipping Coupons or Discounts if your Order reaches a specific amount.
You can visit online Coupon Codes and Sales page for Discounts

4. Compare Your Cost and Shipping verse any Offers and Then See if by adding one more item you can save more by buying something else.

Here are some Gift Buying examples:
At Amazon
You spend $24 and shipping is $6.95 for a of Total $30.95

Deal: Spend $25 on Super Saver Shipping Items and Shipping is Free.
If you can find any item for under $6.95 - You Win and end up with more for the same or less!

At Personalization Mall
You gift order totals $68 and you can't see what the shipping rate is until you start checking out.
So let's estimate shipping is $10.95 and your total would be $78.95

Personalization Mall is running Two Specials:
a. Free Shipping on $75 orders
b. Save $15 on $75 orders with code PMALL15D

As long as the shipping costs don't increase over the $75 you will save money with both coupons if you purchase anything that is over $7 yet under $10.95, but you save the most money with the Save $15 on $75 coupon.

What type of online stores are best for this Buy More and Spend Less type of shopping?
Stores that offer coupons and often sell items that starting at $5 and up. This way you can add an ornament, snacks or a fun little extra in your cart and easily apply to the savings.

When does this Buy More - Spend Less strategy Fail?
1. On gift sites that don't sell everyday items
2. When the start gift price runs $20 or more
3. When shipping costs dramatically increase with purchase price

One thing to remember is that retailers want you to spend more money with them, so the more you spend the better off they are. However, just balance your wants and needs and you should be able to walk the fine line of buying More and Spending Less vs. just Over Spending.

I hope this helps you do more with less this holiday season and save money.

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