Monday, December 06, 2010

Weird Christmas Gifts - My First Bacon Plush

Over the weekend we created a Weird Christmas Gifts page featuring odd and strange Christmas gifts. While these gifts are very unique they just stuck us as odd. So we are going to share some of our favorite weird Christmas gifts and see who might be receiving these special gifts this Christmas.

Our First featured gift is My First Bacon. For meat lovers there is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning to bacon cooking on the stove. Just the smell of bacon can make someone's day.

Lately the "All Thing Bacon Fad" has in a sense jumped the pan and is not moving into the cuddly push market so now you can take the love of bacon with you where ever you go.

My First Bacon - Talking PlushMy First Bacon - Talking Plush
Says creative stuff like "I'm Bacon" and is always smiling too. Just imagine sitting down to breakfast having some bacon and hearing a cute and fun bacon strip say "I'm Bacon" and Mom replies "Welcome of course you are honey." And bacon says "Don't call me honey!" Stop - Time out!!! The bacon doll does not say "Don't call me honey!" it says "I'm Bacon" (RIP Leslie Nielson)

So who on your gift list wants a My First Bacon Talking Plush well we have a few ideas.
- A Child with a sense of humor who loves bacon
- Anyone in the Pork, Hog and Bacon industry
- Doctors who want a visual of things that are bad for your heart
- Anyone who owns Baconaise or a Bacon Air Freshener
- Those meat lovers who taunt Vegetarians - (Just Saying)

If your Gift List includes one of those people then the My First Bacon - Talking Plush is here to solve your gift giving needs. There is even a helping video showing My First Bacon video!

If you are still looking for Christmas Gifts check out our complete list of Weird Christmas Gifts.
Happy Holidays

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