Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Easter Gifts for Your Kid's Easter Basket

Looking for one or two unique Easter gifts to place in your child's Easter Basket this year.

Well we found a few Easter gifts that just might be perfect for you and make Easter more fun.

Thomas The Tank Easter Train
Boys love Thomas and it never hurts to have an extra train or car, so consider the Thomas Easter train that has Thomas in the Easter spirit.

Cute and Quacky - These personalized Easter ducks are sure to bring smiles. Not only are the soft and cuddly but they Quack too.

Mr. Potato Head Bunny
If you or your kids like Mr. Potato Head then this is a fun Easter Basket gift. Once opened the kids can have Mr. Potato Head hopping down the bunny trail in search of adventure.

Max & Ruby
These little rabbits are always facing new challenges on tv and in books, now your kids can enjoy playing with them are home too.

Hide N Squeak Eggs
Yes these are little eggs that come apart and squeak. We featured them just a few days ago and got some great feedback so we thought they we worth noting again.

We hope this helps solve your Easter Basket dilemmas.
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