Thursday, March 11, 2010

Should Mighty Beanz Replace Jelly Beans this Easter?

We were caught off guard when we noticed that Mighty Beanz were a Top 5 Toy on Amazon.

So we decided to compare whether Jelly Beans should be replaced with Mighty Beanz this Easter.

First lets review:
Jelly Beans are a fun, colorful candy that comes in flavors like lemon, grape, bubble gum and many more.

Mighty Beanz are zany and eccentric plastic ‘bean’ characters belonging to a specific "Bean Team.” They can be raced, collected and they can do tricks and flips.

Round 1:
Which taste Better Jelly Beans or Mighty Beanz?
Winner hands down Jelly Beans. Mighty Beanz are not food.

Round 2:
Which makes the better collectible?
While Jelly Beans have lots of pretty colors, Mighty Beanz have Bean Teams with themes!
Winner - Mighty Beanz

Round 3:
Which is more durable for play?
While Jelly Beans may look tough, they often cave in to pressure.
Mighty Beanz can stand falls, bounces and rough play
Winner - Mighty Beanz

Round 4:
Which are preferred by the Easter Bunny?
Jelly Beans - Egged shaped, pastel colors and easy to hide in a basket
Mighty Beanz - Bean shaped, colorful, enjoy smashing the shells of hard boiled eggs.
Winner - Jelly Beans, the Easter Bunny likes to snack on them too.

Round 5:
Which can provide the most fun for boys 5 and up?
While Jelly Beans are a nice snack, Mighty Beanz can provide hours of fun, games and are collectible!
Winner - Mighty Beanz

Based on a 3 - 2 Decision, Mighty Beanz should replace Jelly Beans this Easter!

Who Knew!

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